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Martial artists, where are your belts?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) December 26th, 2008

I just found a box full of my old Hapkido belts (I haven’t practiced in years and years). My boys think they are pretty cool so I said they could have them (not black, just the other colors). What do you think? Where are your belts?

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I put all of mine in an old trunk. They’re at my parents’ house, in the attic.

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My old tae kwon do belts are in the top of my closet.

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Good question! I never really used them or put much stock in them. I think they’re some where in my dad’s basement.

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I have no idea.

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Make them into ties!

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being dreamed up in my head.

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I’ve only ever kept one belt. My very first one. I used to keep it displayed with a straight sword but not anymore. It’s probably in a box somewhere or thrown out.

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I wear them on occasion as an accessory. It happened one night that I needed something yellow to go with an outfit and I was digging frantically in my closet and drawers and there they were: my old belts. So, I grabbed the yellow and it matched nicely so I wore it. I had a jacket on so the entire belt didn’t show so no one was wise to my little trick.

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That’s a good question… I never had more than one belt since you gave back the lower belt after passing a test and got the higher one in exchange in my taekwondo school.
But I don’t really know where that belt could be. I think it either was thrown away after moving house or it lies in some drawer at my mum’s place.

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All my old Judo belts are in my drawer and because I return the lower belt after receiving the new one I only have one Karate Belt.

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