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What cosmetic companies are cruelty free?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21456points) December 26th, 2008

I know that Mary Kay, Avon, Wet n Wild and Burt’s Bees don’t test on animals, and most, if not all, organic brands do, but what about companies like cover girl, maybelline, l’oreal an the like? My mom got me a gift card to walgreens which I plan to use to buy some nice makeup and I just want to know which brands do not test on animals.

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Hi,any product from THE BODY,no vivisection involved and there is a sale on.

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Tom’s Natural

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Dr Hauschka

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Arbonne International.

Just watch out… I think it’s one of those MLM things people will try to get you into.

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There’s a lot of information on here – hope this helps.

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