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How do I indent a paragraph (faster) on both sides on Pages?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) December 27th, 2008

I have many paragraphs that I need to indent 1 in. on each side.

What I’m doing is clicking the beginning of the paragraph, then setting the left and right indents to 1 in.(from the Text Inspector), then hitting return, then setting the indents back to 0 in. so that I can continue with my work. I know the shortcut that increases the indent level, but it’s for the left indent only.

Not only am I new to iWork, but I don’t even think I know how to do this on MSW. What is a faster way to accomplish this? It’s really effing with my flow lol

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One way to automate this process is to format one paragraph the way you want it, then choose “Create New Paragraph Style from Selection…” from the “Format” menu.

This will save your paragraph indentation as a paragraph style. Then when you open the Styles Drawer (View > Show Styles Drawer), you’ll be able to click on that paragraph style and the paragraph should be formatted as you wish.

Potential problem: the style that gets saved automatically includes other information, such as which font you’re using, rather than simply saving the paragraph indentation. But if you create this style for one document, you should be able to use it for all other instances within that document rather easily (assuming all those instances use the same font/etc).

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Command+] will increase the indent level of your selection, and Command+[ will decrease the indent level. Just select a paragraph that you want to change and use these shortcuts to set the indent level to how you want it.

The menu items for these shortcuts are found in “Format -> Text -> Increase/Decrease Indent Level”.

bob’s process will work as well, if the formatting of all the text is exactly the same. Otherwise the formatting will get overwritten when you apply the style.

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