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what does it take to when over a person that won't listen to you?

Asked by jbudman31 (1points) September 12th, 2007 from iPhone


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Nothing. People are usually stubborn, and you can’t force someone to do something they’ve decided not to do.

You can only be nice, or, lacking that, civil, and hope they’ll come around.

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Maybe you are talking too much; a very good counselling technique is to ask a question; viz: Is there any way we can talk to each other? Can we take turns listening? Do you know that I care about you and want to connect better? How can I help?

It is amazing how much better your interlocutor will respond to a query rather than a broadside of your feelings, opinions, POV, needs, etc. Why is the tag restaurant? Is this an employee/ employer issue? If so, same technique; different language.

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Lay on the sugar. Ask questions about them, smile, listen attentively, and respond in a positive friendly manner. Next tell them a personal story about a related experience favoring yourself with a humble giggle in the outcome. Talk in a positive manner about all things. Extra gooey sugary sweet wins them over everytime, especially the narcissistic types.

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If that doesn’t work, completely ignore them and stay busy with eyes averted.

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