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Can constant use of anti bacterial products be ultimatly harmful to immune system?

Asked by xgunther (446points) September 13th, 2007 from iPhone
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the real issue with over use of anti bacterial products is that by constantly exposing bacteria to them, we increase the odds that a strain of bacteria will emerge which is resistant to them. just as any other form of life evolves to meet environmental challenges, so do bacteria evolve and mutate. a common concern during the anthrax scare was that by handing out cipro like tic tacs, we would be overexposing our most powerful antibiotic and allowing cipro-resistant strains of various nasties come into being.

in short: use anti bacterials when necessary, certainly, but use regular soap most of the time.

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because I know some people who MUST use anti bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, and anti bacterial air spray.

I didn’t think this was healthy because an immune system needs to be challenged to get stronger.

I knew of a man who died because all he drank was distiller water.

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Anti bacterial products kill useful bacteria as well. This clears up space for more damaging bacteria to colonize.

As stated above mutation become more frequent, which can have many deleterious effects. Your own immune system can deal with most of the bacteria. Use the anti-bacterial products sparingly and use regular soap most of the time.

There is plenty of research and writing on this online.

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And if you have a septic system, overuse of antibacterials can destroy the effectiveness of the bacteria in your septic, which means your septic stops breaking down stuff, which means lots of unpleasantness when it backs up.

I’ve seen some research that says most antibacterial soaps are no better at killing bacteria then common soap and running water.

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Antibacterial products are only nessecairy when you work in health-care, and are expoced to many a strange bacteria you don’t want to pass on to others. Let the body take care of itself, you’ll be fine as long as you wash your hands regularly.

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