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Why do I have dark circles under my eyes?

Asked by emilyrose (2263points) December 30th, 2008

I know a few people have asked this on here, but thought I would ask again. I have had dark circles the past couple of weeks. I normally have them, but not this bad. I have been sleeping pretty normally though I have been feeling more tired. Any other ideas or remedies? I don’t just want to cover it up, I want to fight the cause.

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Because you need sleep. They are just like bruises.

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I have been sleeping!

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Good mattress? All those details count. Go to Cardis and buy a good one.
How many hours a night? Did you know that the average human needs 8 hours?
Another thing is maybe you have a cold. Or some other disease.

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I have an AMAZING mattress! Geez, don’t tell me I have a disease! YIKES! I usually get 7–9 hours…..

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Allergy shiners are another possibility. My eyes always have dark circles because of minor dust allergies that I have. Sometimes people go so far a asking if I was punched in the face =P

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Some people just have dark circles under their eyes. Always have, always will. It’s basically bruising. It could be any number of things including stress. There’s always stress this time of year, pretty much no matter who you are.

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Are you a raccoon? :P

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@90s: Dark circles are not like bruises. Dark circles are due to pigmentation, some disorders, and can be more severe depending on your skin tone and skin thickness, bruising is when capillaries are damaged and blood spreads into the tissue around the site of impact.

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dark circles under the eyes can be caused by wheat allergies…dairy products and yeast are also guilty.

people can go for years and into middle age without showing symptoms at all and then they will burst upon you. Then again, children will show the allergy symptoms almost immediately.

So boost your iron intake and cut down on the wheat and the problem should clear up.

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I know this sounds crazy, but my husband had this problem. He went to a natural Dr. who suggest a colon cleanse. He took psylium husk and ground up flax seed and some “Smooth Move” tea, and presto—no more dark circles. He was also told to avoid red meat and wheat glutton.

Let me know how it works.

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@mizuki—I would really like to do some cleansing in the new year. I have noticed that I don’t tolerate wheat or yeast that well, but the holiday season makes me eat this stuff like a maniac.

how did he do the flax? Did he put it in something?


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he put the flax seed in a coffee grinder and ground it into power and then put it into cereal or yogurt or oat meal. Flax is not water soluable, Psyllium is water soluble and the best one we’ve found is at GNC—it is called Colon Pure.
Wheat is really easily substituted with Spelt flour—it has no glutton, and you can buy Spelt flour at Fryes. He lost 10 lbs in two weeks after quiting wheat.
Let me know how it goes. It is important to use all three things, flax, psylium and the tea for about 2 weeks—you will be amazed. I used CLA and COQ10 and my skin looked 10 yrs younger in about 2 weeks, with fish oil and flax seed oil. Dr Peroni has some good plans that include alpha lipoic acid. I had had a black age spot for 12 years that went away in 30 days, it was amazing, and still has not come back.

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You can put ground flax on cold cereal, in salad dressing, in scrambled eggs, soup, etc. I have 1 T of it daily.(Grind up some and refrigerate what you don’t eat on day 1.) I also cast a vote for CO Q 10, Omega 3 oil, and no meat.

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Asmonet, I am not a retard. God.
That what people refer to them as. At least people in Boston :S.

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What is COQ10? Thanks everyone—this is very exciting!
@mizuki—I have a question about spelt though—isn’t that still wheat? I don’t know if its the gluten that I dont tolerate well or what….

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@90s: You said they were ‘just like’ which implies you thought they were the same, I was merely giving some information. Relax.

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@ emilyrose:
Coenzyme Q10 a nutrient that you can purchase at any drugstore as a dietary supplement.

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Wheat has been genetically modified to the Nth degree, to the point where today’s wheat is genetically unrecognizable from the wheat that they find in the 5,000 Egyptian tombs. The genetically modified wheat has much more glutton, and we Americans, eat way to much glutton to the point where it impedes our digestion, and poisons us.

Spelt has not been genetically modified and has virtually zero glutton, but makes great bread, pancakes’ ect. I love spelt and never eat wheat if I can help it.

I promise you immediate results if you stop all wheat consumptions. But FYI—sometimes the spelt at the store is old, maybe it does not sell fast enough. So spend the extra $ on the spelt flour and get it at Whole Foods or someplace where it will be fresh—fresh flour makes a big big difference.

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I’ve heard that folks with food allergies will get dark circles under their eyes. I noticed my skin improved and my dark circles went away when I changed my diet. It’s not enough to just “improve your diet” You have to eat enough of the right foods, and none of the ones that are wrong for you, and your dark circles should go away.

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