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I'd like to get this photo blown up a bit and framed (maybe, to hang on a wall). Just not sure if it could be done...

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 30th, 2008

It’s a picture of my Mom (who is facing the camera) and her best friend. My Mom past away a few years ago and I love this photo and would love to have it ‘displayed’ somehow in my apartment. It’s rather small (5” x 5”). I’m not sure that it would work, though —enlarging it.

What do you think?

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Awww breathtaking.

Well, this is from a novice’s point of view.

(1) You can put it on word and then you can print it out on the picture-type paper where you can get at the Convenience Store or something. Once you do that, frame it.

(2) take a picture of it and then bring it to Wal-Mart and have it put into picture form and then frame it.

I am not sure what to do for the expert way, sorry. :S

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First, I would recommend you retouch up the picture (whether you plan to enlarge it or not). You can use something like Adobe Photoshop if you have it. There is a tool here . Also you can print it yourself from any number of programs that can open the image, but I would recommend a program meant for image editing or creating. Also if you do print it, make sure you have the proper printer or you will probably not be as satisfied with the end result.

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How much would you like to enlarge it?

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If you have the negatives, you could increase the size greatly. With just a hard copy photo, you can’t make it much larger without blurring.

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1. That’s a great photo.
2. If you have the negative you can blow it up. If you just have the scan, don’t blow it up.
3. Take is to a photo store or photo department (negative or scan on CD).
3a. Tell them what you want. Be firm.
3b. If they don’t work with you, leave and go elsewhere. A good photo tech is important. They should be able to tell you what they can and cannot do with what you have as well as some recommendations.

We’ve been bizarrely happy with the service at Staples. But that’s our Staples. Yours could be different. If you can, plan to take a weekend afternoon where you have enough time to go to a few places until you find one you like.

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If you blow up the photo, the picture will look grainy and terrible. If you have the negative, take it to a few photo places like Empress suggested. Be prepared to shell out a few bucks. :)

By the way, that’s a wonderful picture. Your mother looks lovely.

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That is a beautiful photo. Her eyes must speak to you.

Unfortunately the image is so compressed that much of the data is gone. Here is what my limited skills could do before it got too grainy.

I doubt this will print very good, but you can always try. I use the instant Kodak kiosks at drugstores and wal-mart with great results.

Do not give up though there are some photoshop wizards out there that can make this work for you. They be may give it an artistic look or any number of other fixes while increasing the resolution to a printable size.

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I actually like the schmutz and scratches. Have a professional imaging shop drum scan it at 1200 dpi (RGB not greyscale, so you don’t lose the warmth in the image). Print out large and let it be grainy, it’s part of the “look.”

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Let me give it a whirl in PS and I’ll get back to you guys :)

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Definitely take it to a camera store that has processing and printing. They can do retouching if you would like, and will also leave it if you want. They should be able to enlarge it, but there will be a maximum size before the image becomes distorted or grainy or pixelated if it’s done digitally. Don’t take it to a Walgreens or CVS or Walmart; it won’t be done very well. Take it to a specialty store for sure.

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I have no way of helping, but the picture is beautiful!

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Take your 5×5 to a real scanning photo place and have the scanning done properly (cause I am pretty darn sure with a photo that old you don’t have the original negative! [it’s probably crumbled and disintegrated anyway by now])

have them print it there if you can and their prices are good, otherwise ask if they can put the scan on a flash drive or something for you.

If you'd rather it be print online, MPix is okay, rather expensive, I have all of my prints done by these guys, good service, fast, and very cheap:
you just upload your picture and can set the dimensions from there.

That picture you uploaded though, there’s no point in trying to go into photoshop and blow it up.
Even if you could like rent a scanner right now you’d get a much better size than that.

Heck if I used my 8 year old printer/scanner combo on high settings not only would I land up with a 30 megapixel+ picture, it would look tons better than that 0.3 megapixel blown up…
and my scanner is a POS lol

Seriously, take it to a camera store and have them scan the original photo, that would make sure it’s as clear as possible, and if they can, print it there or elsewhere.

just get that 5×5 scanned somewhere professionally!

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is this big enough?

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What a great picture! If none of the above is successful, I think it could still look really good. Put it in a larger black frame with a wide white mat. Hang it in an intimate spot.

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Ok, so here is a little retouch I did. I cleaned up the edges and removed some of the “noise” and aging on it. I did not resize it or desaturate it as I wanted to still keep some of the warmth to the picture. Maybe the collective can collaborate on this one and help jmah out. Best of luck everyone!

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All the Photoshopping in the world won’t increase the resolution to make it suitable for large-format printing. You’ll need a minimum of 150 ppi, preferably 200, for a big print. So a 36” x 36” image needs 7200×7200 pixels.

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well.. here I am only proven further, seriously take it to get professionally scanned (the original 5×5, unless you happen to have the negative somewhere [some people sometimes used to hide them behind the photos in the actual frame])

photoshop won’t help here, it will only take away from the originality, texture, and warmth that originality brings with it, removing those scratches and all that texture only takes away from it.

People on the internet spend hours working on a single photo to make it look old and the such. This one got lucky and had mother nature do it for itself and it looks like she did it just about perfectly.

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There is software that resizes images with little loss of resolution.
One example is Imagener.

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I can’t see the picture anymore but I suggest you take it to Kinko’s. They do wonderful work!

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Have the image scanned at hi-rez, like @PupnTaco recommends, but consider breaking the image into 8×10 images that overlap (almost like puzzle pieces), then assemble it on your wall like a collage.

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I was going through some of my grandma’s old pictures and I actually found the negative for this photo. I think that I’m going to get it blown up for an 8” x 10”. Do you think that I should take it to a professional place, or would the Walmart photo place suffice?

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Since the negative will remain intact either way, I’d probably try the cheaper place first. If the quality is not to your liking you won’t have wasted much money. Good luck!

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The picture of my Mama turned out great! I got it blown up to an 8×8 and it was framed in a 12×12 frame.


numero dos

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Congratulations. That really does look great! Thanks for the follow up!

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Those do look really great!

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I love that you can see Marilyn Monroe in the first pic.

Way to go! :)

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