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How to travel to Hawaii on the cheap?

Asked by leftspin (56points) September 15th, 2007 from iPhone

Four to six of my friends want to do a four week romp on Oahu, Maui and the big island. Any one have any tips of keeping costs down? Especially room and board tips would be greatly appreciated.

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use the airline “go!”

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How fun!

Maui…if you want cheap cheap…for a few days…take a ferry to Lanai, the island of Lanai….they have a Hotel Lanai…I believe 60 bucks per night during spring time. You can see how the locals live. This is the island Bill Gates ‘rented’ out for his wedding. And Calista Flockhart owns a home there. Never know about bumping into Harrison Ford at the beach. Smile

Its a very beautiful and quiet town. They have a local movie theatre, a local coffee shop. Very quaint.

If you go to Maui..I can’t think of a place you can stay. I’ve heard theres some great priced hotels in Kihei. If you stay in Kihei area, take a nice drive to Wailea. Theres 4 Seasons Hotel, you can swim in the back of the hotel.

To keep food costs down, maybe one meal out of each day go out to restaurants, and the rest of the meals, request a fridge in the room. Or order Hawaiian pizza and eat on the beach. :)

Enjoy you guys will have a blast.

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I’m going to Hawaii for free this year. Just me and 140 band students and their parents!

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1) buy air tickets 6 months early
2) stay in hostels for $20 a night
that’s as cheap as it gets!!!!!

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