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How to get your sites thumbnails on google search results?

Asked by mirza (5057points) September 15th, 2007

I have noticed that when you search for certain sites on google, the sites appear with a thumbnail of the site. FOr example if you search for being famous search results show the thumbnail. Any idea how this is done?

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An extension for Firefox:
Also available for IE on that site now…

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The extension isnt what mirza’s refering too. Clicking that search he mentioned, anyone who googles that can see the thumbnail there, no extensions or plugins

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I think it only applies to images and video.. If you look at the URL:


I don’t think it is possible for normal pages. Obviously that image has nothing to do with the current state of that page.

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I should add that the link in the image is different than the one in the text.. Something is going on, I just don’t know what it is.

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ok i just realized that this thumbnail thing is available to most Connected Ventures employee blogs. For example, if you search for streeter seidel ( college humor) , search results show a thumbnail. And the same goes with amanda ferri who works for vimeo

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OK, now I get it. ;-)

But if you want thumbnail for every page, use that extension.

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It’ll probably have to do with Universal Search or something… Or perhaps they’re experimenting again. Just wondering… Did all of you perhaps sign up for Google Experimental Search?

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This is interesting, never noticed it before. One thing to note: the blue bar above the search results gives you the options of “web” or “video”, and as johnpowell mentioned above, the link show the word video in the URL, so I bet it has something to do with video results. Just like how certain search results will come up with sample image results, although those appear at the top above all the results.

The other odd thing is that the video search result lists do not look the same as the search results you pointed out, and the image doesn’t link to any videos. Stranger even still, that bizarre link Google shows on mouseover just takes you to the same plain link the text link directs you to.

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