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Is this a peculiarity in open office? (seriously)

Asked by Carol (731points) December 31st, 2008

I own a small business. Each of my customers is assigned a sheet for billing purposes in Open Office. I have 74 customers and 74 sheets. Each sheet is labeled with the customer’s last name.

Frequently (enough to make me insane) the program transfers the heading I’ve just worked on to the following sheet. For instance, Sheet 1 header will be Ms. Prissy Abbot, 1234 Hastings, Podunk Iowa. Sheet 2 header will be Mr. Ralph Rowdy, 6969 Lake DooDoo Drive, Brickshit Kansas. The header on sheet 3 reads Ms Sally Sunshine 87 Gobroken Hwy, Upper Shitsville Ca.

All headers are supposed to remain on the sheet that they were entered. Each month I open the file to reveal all of my customers on separate sheets as they should be. It is my missive to add data to each sheet leaving the header static. Prissy has paid money making her balance 0. She has also purchased more items from me that will be entered on another line. She can look at all her purchases and payments as well as her current balance. All is well and good in the land of nod.

But wait! After the data is recorded on Ralph Rowdy’s statement, we come to find out that the header on Ralph’s sheet is that of Prissy. That is, Ralph’s prior data is intact as well as the new Ralph data I’ve entered. Its just the header that’s off. The sheet belonging to Sally Sunshine in Upper Shitsville may or may not have Ralph’s header. It will not have Prissy’s header.

Prissy doesn’t want Ralph’s bill which is higher than her own and I don’t want her to know that Ralph shops at my store. And anyway, why would I want to send Prissy Ralph’s bill?

Therefore, every time (or some of the time or sometimes) I click on a different sheet, I have to check the header and reenter the name and address of that customer. This process hinders my billing speed.

Question: Has anyone ever heard of this? If so, how do I get it to stop doing this? What am I doing that I shouldn’t be doing that causes this to occur?

I thank all of you good and giving individuals out there who are willing to take the time to answer this question. But please, resist the temptation to tell me I need to use another accounting program as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the question I’m asking.

In gratitude,


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I don’t use this programme, but when you move through the sheets, do you hit “tab” or “enter” or click or what? Seems to me that you’re copy-pasting the header accidentally. I remember a similar issue with a different programme years ago. It just assumed I was making a second sheet for the same person.
Is there an option to save at the bottom of the current page before moving onto the next one?

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I use this program all the time. I have never once copied a header in the ‘Calc’ part of the program. I’ve got to agree with Jack that maybe it’s you doing something accidentally but it could be a deeper issue then Jack suggests.

Openoffice usually lets you ‘undo’ for 15 clicks or so. Every time before you save the document (because I think once you save, you can’t undo), The sheet names should be along the bottom of the screen. If you notice once twice, you can just undo and actually find the step where things are going wrong.

I know in the ‘Writer’ portion of the program, you can turn on change tracking. I’m not sure you if you can do that in the ‘Calc’ part but it might be worth looking in to.

Also, are you saving the file as a .xls file or a .ods file. Openoffice handles native document types better.

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Just to be clear, how exactly are you entering the “header”? As a row in the sheet, or as a header of the document?

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(I’m not an expert in openoffice), but I believe that if you attach a header using insert header (or whatever the command is) , it’s shared between all sheets (because a single document has multiple sheets, right? It’s like excel like that). In order to have a different header of each sheet, you’d need to split up the sheets between different documents, or format one of the cells/rows to act like a header.

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It seems to be grabbing the last header I typed in and plopping it down into the next sheet that I open!

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Sorry, that’s not it either. It just plopped in a header I typed in 3 hours ago to a sheet I haven’t used in 6 months.

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