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Do you know any strange or wacky place names?

Asked by oasis (970points) December 31st, 2008

Give the names and any links.

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Weeds, California.
Christmas, Florida.
And every time I pass the exit for Dumfries, Virginia – I laugh.

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We have a village called “fryup”.

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I passed a village called Sicko yesterday. I also lived in a place called Goerlitz (pronounced Girl-its) on the river Neisse (pronounced Nice-eh). The street was called “the Holy Graves Street”. My last street was “Moon Street” and the one before “Hidden Seer Alley”. But streets can easily have funny names. There’s many more, I can’t remember now.

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Although I was raised a Texan, I have never been to Cut and Shoot, Texas, located here. And now I live in Cheshire, England, and live relatively near Bottom-of-the-Oven, Staffordshire, and here is a photograph I found of the area.

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Two Pennsylvania Amish (bless their innocent souls) towns have the names of Bird in Hand and Intercourse. We also have the town of King of Prussia, currently dominated by a huge shopping mall, that was originally named for a local tavern.

There is a town of Bargaintown in New Jersey. You’ve got to wonder what these people were thinking.

The book Blue Highways talks about the town of Nameless, Texas. The story it gives is that the residents were in disagreement over what to call the town. In exasperation, someone declared that the town would remain nameless, which apparently was to everyone’s liking. Also mentioned in the book is Dime Box, Texas.

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A lake,not a town:

Idiotville, Oregon
Boring Maryland
Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky

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Good ol’ Cornland, IL

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Pippa Passes, Kentucky

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Hell, Michigan.

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Surprise, Arizona
Rough and Ready, California
Weed, California
Boring, Oregon
Hazard, Kentucky

Those are just a few of the towns/cities I saw things shipped to when I worked for UPS :-)

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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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Land of Nod,Yorkshire,England.

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Featheringstonehaugh (pronounced fanshaw)
Paradise (must be a ton of those)
Hell (makes you wonder if anyone had the temerity to name their town Heaven).

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Zzyzx, California

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Ho Hum Hollow is one of my favorite streets.

Stalker, PA
Walla Walla, WA
Mud Butte, SD
Eaglebutte, SD

There’s a great list here. I personally enjoy the list they have for Kentucky :)

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Sluts Hole Lane,yes,you read it right,Sluts hole lane.
It’s in Norfolk England.
Also listed is a place called Sexhow,England.

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…and of course Essex and Sussex :)

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And let’s not forget Buttsniffer, Utah.

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@asmonet- It’s Weed, CA, not Weeds.

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Toad Suck Ferry (across the Arkansas River just North of Little Rock).

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Worcestershire (pronounced /ˈwʊstəʃər/) – England
Dingle – Ireland
Cobh (pronounced Cove) – Ireland
Kill – Ireland
Cockhill – Ireland
Ireland has no shortage of wacky place names!!

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Funkstown, MD. Everytime we pass it my kids sing “Won’t you take me to Funkstown?

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Ever heard the song A Night in Dildo ?

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@astro: An unfortunate typo, thanks for catching it. :)

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@widlflower: I love Fucking, Austria! I have this fantastic quote from the mayor(?) or whatever the equivalent is for them, he says Fucking like 16 times in one sound bite, and he’s just freaking out over how foreigners – particularly Americans, Canadians and English tourists steal all their street signs. Apparently, it’s a huge burden on the town. :D

“Fucking, Austria is not a joke! It is a town. Fucking is a beautiful place, you would love to raise your child in Fucking! You’d be lucky to live near us. And all these foreigners steal our signs because Fucking means something dirty! It’s juvenile!”

On and on and on like that… It’s hilarious. I’m gonna try to track down where I have it saved and get the proper version.

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The town of Finger Tennessee

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Ok, I have to admit that I almost wrote ‘I love Fucking!’ and reconsidered.

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Oh yeah there is a town called Arab Alabama. Home of the Poke Sallat Festival.

DrasticDreamer's avatar, Oregon. (The link that shows up has nothing to do with the city.)

No, I’m not kidding.

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Humptulips, WA

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Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Needles, California has always struck me as a bit odd as well.

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Foggy Bottom, Washington DC

Flushing, Queens (NYC)

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if you look at a map of canada, there are a lot of weird names, especially far north.

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Intercourse PA
my brother bought a shirt from there that said “i love intercourse”

@asmonet i may have to reconsider that boning, for you mentioning Dumfries, Virginia, thats made me laugh every time ive past it since i was a little kid heh

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@uber: Ha! You see! The signs are there! Reboot! Dumfries! :D

Do you live in Virginia?

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Dumfries, Scotland. pronounced Dumfreess

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@asmonet nope, up in jersey :)

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uber, your new avatar scares me. you just look so…mean

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Six Mile Bottom,Suffolk. uk.

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@bythebay its DR DOOM!! i took a picture of the little statue i have :)

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@uberb; that mean face doesn’t match your otherwise charming personality ;)

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Puyallup, Washington.

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@steven: My brother used to live in Puyallup. No one ever understood what we were saying on the phone when we gave them the address. Pullup? Pileup? Pie Wall?

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@asmonet, I used to go through the same thing when my brother lived there.

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@stevenb: Small world! :D

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Deffinately! I hope you had a good holiday season and new year! A bit late, but I have been busy with shoveling 66 inches of snow since December 19th.

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Mianus/ OH


So surprised they haven’t tried to move pronunciation to mee-anus, lol, guess all the same if your a Brit lol.


ZZYZX, California

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