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What are some great blogs+websites I can send to my aunt?

Asked by hTownDude (178points) December 31st, 2008

I want to show her that there is more stuff on the internet than just e-mailing people. She currently likes watching Oprah and Ellen…what blogs or websites would she like?

Note: I am NOT trying to “teach” her how to use the internet, build a website, or use google. I’m just looking for blogs and/or websites that she would enjoy, based on what I have already said she enjoys.

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Teach her how to set up a Browser home page. Then teach her how to Google. The world will be her oyster.

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Maybe the People Magazine website

I agree with gail, set her up with a Gmail account and then an iGoogle homepage. She can add tons of stuff to it.

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queenzboulevard: That reminds me, she also enjoys People magazine. However, I’d like more internet-only websites (that’s why I asked for blogs) and not just the Oprah website or the websites of magazines that she likes. Believe me – she knows Oprah has a website.

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Slate is a great internet only website that has a mix of everything.
Oprah seems to have a legitimate content containing site.
TMZ is a popular entertainment site (not my thing, but still…)

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Okay, perhaps I should specify some things. I appreciate these answers, but like I said, she knows that Oprah has a website. She knows Food Network has a website. She knows TMZ has a website. I’m looking for things that are on the internet only. Slate is a great example – but I don’t think it has enough of a “woman’s interest” vibe going.

Slate is otherwise a great site. If someone knew of a Slate-type website that specified in woman’s interest things, that would be great.

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What, exactly is a woman’s interest?

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Does she like winning things…oprah and ellen both have websites with giveaways. She may be interested in finding other talkshow giveaways, such as rachel ray or the view.

She may also enjoy bargain websites...ones where great sales and deals are listed like or

If she likes cooking/baking try, it has great ideas and tips (and things to buy)

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Maybe, her womanly interests include hot rods, football and welding. Wtf.

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oh for chrissake, spare me the self righteous Gender Studies lesson asmonet, and just answer the question if you have an answer and don’t if you do not. Yeah, I know, women are interested in many different things other than cooking and home decorating. But when I say “woman’s interest” I’m speaking of the particular marketing segmentation that is done by most magazines that would categorize themselves as such. Yeah, it sucks, but most people in the media world did not take Sociology 314: Womens Studies so just get over yourself and save it for later discussion.

I hate when people have to shit in my threads. Just answer the question. This isn’t a discussion forum about the problems of a patriarchal society.

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Why not send your Aunt here? Ben did!

(Edit) or maybe not if she has a attitude similar to the one you just took with with Asmonet

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Have her try

This site is really cool as you let it know topics of preference and then click the “Stumble” link in your toolbar. The site then randomly takes you to sites that meet your criteria.

I love this site. It is very addicting. I have found some really great previously unknown (to me) sites.

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If she's at all into fashion, is a good one.

By the way hTown…on Fluther, every thread is a potential discussion forum about anything.

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@hTownDude. Please tone down your rhetoric a little. One needn’t have majored in women’s studies to recognize that you were vague in your request. A bit more information would have been helpful beyond the idea that watching Oprah means she likes cooking and home decorating (besides, I would have guessed Martha Stewart for those interests).

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augustian: from my understanding it is a question and answer site. even if this was a discussion forum, there is such a thing as veering off-topic.

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I am Ben’s Aunt; it’s
the “veering off-topic” that is a topic in itself.

Current events? (as we used to call it)
Hubble telescope photos?

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@asmonet, football yes! I’m a football loving woman. Damn those Chargers!

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@htown: It was a valid question that I asked to help me answer your question further. You used a vague term but wanted specific recommendations. You even saw the need to specify further – though in my opinion not enough – in another answer. If you only want specific answers, write a more thorough question.

Or you know, cry about it.

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@hTownDude, with regards to the Slate comment, (which I read every day, along with Huffington Post) are you saying that your aunt is shallow and would not benefit from reading a site like Slate, or are you saying that Slate has “masculine” content and is not appropriate for women? calculating the distance betwen your head and my rolling pin

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I read and daily and even though I am Aunt, (hear me roar), I have a brain that is not too shabby.

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I love it when the ladies show men what’s what.

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What’s the saying? The pen is mightier than….

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…the penis?

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A fun site is Isaac Mizrahi's!!! He has so much to do and lots of fun blogs to watch as well!

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Manolo's Shoe Blog is a girly shoe lover's tee-hee. There's the Archive of American Television, that's fun. PostSecret is a fantastic look into the human condition (well, the Western, postcard-sending, secret-having humans, anyway). is really funny.

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that bakerella site is great!

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Make her a stumbleupon account, input her interests, install the toolbar, and push the button. It’ll send her to sites based on her interests. She can rate them and write reviews, or deject them and let stumbleupon bring up better sites for her. I use it and discovered Fluther through it.

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