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How can I get rid of a cold really fast?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) November 17th, 2006
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vitamin c, zinc, garlic pills (get the de-odorized kind), lots of water and sleep.
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and this is my favorite: boil fresh ginger in hot water, add lots of lemon and honey, and it makes a really great tea that makes you feel a lot better.
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the other neat trick is to boil some water on the stovetop, add a few drops of eucalyptus extract (or a peppermint tea bag also works), keep the water on a low boil and and put a towel over your head to make a tent that traps the minty steam while you take really deep breaths and inhale. It clears out your lungs really fast.
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great! No chicken soup?
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Chicken soup works... if it's from real chicken
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I think the best bet is lots of fluids and sleep
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But don't take zinc if you think you're getting the flu. Sleep, push fluids, and go get some's a multi-vitamin magic powder that you dissolve in water.
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Unless you have a vitamin C deficiency (ie scurvy - highly unlikely) there's no evidence that taking extra C will help you get over a cold. All you can really do is treat symptoms (like the steamy things people said), rest, and wait for the awesome immune system to do its job.
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I do some of the above, especially the megadoses of vitamins and lots of tea and water. Another little trick I use is to take 1-2 shots of straight vodka or whiskey right before bed, too.
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shoot warm saline (salt water) up yer nose. you can either use a neti pot (indian device that you can get at the hippie store) or a 60 cc syringe (no needle) from walgreens. you will be amazed at how much snot pours out of your head.
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the whiskey? that's the best cure that doesn't work (says my friend james, the irish pharmacist.)
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Actually, Dr. Linus Pauling spent a lifetime advocating vitamin C as a way to prevent and treat colds. As he has 2 Nobel Prizes (one for medicine & one for peace), I think the dude might know what he's talking about.
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Also, having a pot of chicken soup (even from a can) simmering on the stove whenever you're home can help as well. Breathing in those fumes are very good.
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And...if you're really desperate, try putting some breast milk up your nose. No....seriously.
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Linus Pauling was a brilliant chemist and won Nobel Prizes for chemistry (not medicine) and peace, but he was not as thorough when it came to biomedical research and his theories on vitamin C are not well supported by evidence. It's very important to look at the evidence (in the case of an experimental treatment this must be a large, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study) and not just take the word of a person, even if he is a genius. For a good recent review of large vitamin C trials, check out this abstract:
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Whoops, link didn't work - but you can search "vitamin c cold cochrane review" at
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Dr. Pauling worked with much higher megadoses of Vitamin C than any of the trials being done now. The Cochrane Review, which has examined the majority of the credible trials, concludes that Vitamin C doses administered to subjects in high-stress activities (athletes, soldiers, etc.) reduced the incidence of colds by one-half, which the Review labeled a "considerable benefit." If you've got a marathon coming up, reducing your risk of a cold by 50% is nothing to be sneezed at. Another study showed a "statistically significant" reduction in the duration of a cold when 8 grams of Vitamin C is taken on only the first day of cold symptoms. What I find curious is nobody is doing a study regarding the dosages recommended by Dr. Pauling for study, 100 milligrams every day, 1 gram per waking hour for each day cold symptoms are experienced.
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Coldeez cuts your flu time in half. Zicam is also great at the onset.
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Tomatos, apple juice and Green Tea all mixed together 3 times a day
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Get your five servings of fresh vegetables and four servings a fruit daily. The vitamin complexes in vegetable matter are most likely better than anything a vitamin pill can give.
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Eat lots of food, and take airborn
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my ukrainian roommate says honey and vodka
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Airborne works REALLY well for me every time.
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olive leaf extract capsules can give a boost to your immune system. they can be found at health food stores

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is this vodka thing for real?

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