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OGG to MP3 converter? Please? Anyone?

Asked by trumi (6486points) January 1st, 2009

Does anyone know a freeware application to convert OGG to MP3? For a Mac. Preferably batch, but I’ll take anything.

It doesn’t seem to exist on the internet =/

Stupid Torrent file.

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I hate ogg’s. I know of a converter, but it’s Windows only.

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CDex might do it. If that won't do it, sourceforge will have something - if it does exist.

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Try Switch, it’s free and I use it all the time.. very nice, compact, and easy to use.

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@Eambos – what do you hate about Oggs? I love them – well, Ogg Theora (for music) that is, Ogg Vorbis (for video files) isn’t that good…

VLC will surely be able to do it, otherwise SoundConverter will (not sure if that’s available for Macs as well).

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Oh.. They have Switch for Mac, too.. just scroll down. :P

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VLC doesn’t seem to want to work, which is why I started the search, but Switch is working great! Thank you Alena!

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try downloading this software..
It’s called Total Video Converter..
It converts every single kind of file..

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@vincentt- I don’t mind ogg’s if I just want to listen on my pc, but most mp3 player don’t support it. It’s just a nuisance to convert a bunch of files to listen portably.

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This is what I use when I have only a few files, rather than d/ling some whole new program

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@Eambos – heh, I hate those MP3-players as well :P

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You also need the LAME encoder to export as .mp3 in audacity

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Okay. Audacity plus LAME encoder!
I forgot about that.

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