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Speaking of pizza, do you prefer Chicago or NY -style?

Asked by St.George (5855points) January 1st, 2009
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Ooooh, tough choice.

NY, 23rd St. – Chelsea. Right by my Grandpa’s old apartment.

Fucking orgasmic.
Plus, there are drag queens everywhere. Dinner and a show!

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New York…hands down.

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New York all the way! I’m also from St. Louis, and I HATE St. Louis style pizza… it’s incredibly thin crust and they don’t use mozzarella, they use provel, which is just way odd. All through high school, I worked at a New York style pizzeria, and now I’m living in New York, next door to New Amici Pizzeria. Life is good :D

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New York.

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What are the differences? I have never had pizza in either place.

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If I’m in Capitola (near Santa Cruz) munching on a pie from Pizza My Heart then I gotta go with thin crust.
If I’m in Chicago eating a Gino’s East then I gotta go with deep dish.

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I like them both, but Chicago style doesn’t really fit my idea of pizza. It’s more like…pizza casserole.

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New York by a mile.

I don’t dislike Chicago style, but like augustlan said, it’s a flippin’ casserole – not a true pizza.

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New York, just thinking about it makes me salivate.

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I like both too, but I think my favorite is NY…here on the left coast there’s a place in San Jose called Cicero’s that makes a good one.

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Chicago—deep dish and thin crust. I’ve never encountered the Chicago thin crust elsewhere, so I tend to assume it is the deep dish’s less talked about cousin. Or something.

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You won’t ever know true pizza , capuccino, spaghetti until you lived in Rome/Naples Italy, all so called “Italian foods” here in US are artificial.

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Well that is true seVen.

(For example: In Italy they don’t share pizza like we do. Everyone gets their own.)

This is definitely Italian-American pizza we’re discussing here.

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NY-style. Yum! Thin crust, slighty crispy but still foldable. Cheesy. Greasy. Goodness.

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New York. But I agree with Charles on Gino’s; I love the atmosphere.

San Diego plug- A Brooklyn Pizzeria, Mission gorge. Nom nom nom.

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I’m originally from Chicago- and Lou Malnatti’s or Giordano’s are pretty good- Uno’s is the only one that franchised, and it’s kinda mediocre. Now I live in New York, so I have split allegiances.. I guess I prefer the middle ground of brick oven style- Capone’s in Chicago is da bomb.. here in Schenectady the closest equivalent I have found is Scotti’s.

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