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So i have this uneven lamp on my desk, how can i make it stable?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 1st, 2009

This lamp is driving me crazy, I like it but the bottom of it is cloth and the metal in the lamp actually sticks out, i like this lamp alot but when i type like right now it rattles and as you can imagine im ready to go back to the store and shove it in there flutherhole…..does anyone have some tips on maybe repairing it? Im going crazy but I want the lamp and it was the last one…

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If you don’t want to return it get some felt and glue it to the side you need padded. Problem solved. :)
My lamp used to shake too. It knows better now.

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cards from a deck of cards may help…small pieces of napkins…any small piece of fabric really.

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OMG why didnt i think of this…I think my mind has really been overloaded with my 11 hour work days everyday to think of a simple solution….id prefer something more permanent and maybe nicer…but for now…that will work!

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Okay let me just say im using a sock as a test subject and it works wonders….i figured if im gonna be ghetto….im gonna do it right!!

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I suppose you could super glue one card at a time to the edge of the lamp until you’re problem is solved too =) that would be permanent.

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hm ive stayed away from super glue since my sister glued her hands to her face when she was 5….but maybe its time i get over that fear..

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Your sister is awesome.

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lol well if you want to add to her awesomeness she also wanted to look like one of the teenage girls a few days before the super glue incident and decided she wanted her bangs all one length with the rest of her hair….so she chopped them off with scissors….so now i had this little sis that looked like a little girl with a mullet and her hands stuck to her face…..what a character she was….hell hes 20 years old now….and im pretty sure she would do something similiar any given day of the week.

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Ah, siblings are always awesome.

If you want your lamp to be less ghetto, you could still go with asmonet’s suggestions above with the glue and the felt, just add a little twist.

Take the old felt/material completely off the lamp, cut a new piece, and glue it on. I’m not sure if you’d be able to take the material off, but it might work.

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The grocery store should sell some adhesive felt pads in the hardware section. They make them to go on the legs of chairs so they don’t scratch the floor, and on the bottom of ceramic pieces, etc. so it doesn’t scratch the tabletops.

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@Alfreda—That’s a great idea! Much better than mine. I change my answer to his/hers :o)

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Avoiding the superglue problem altogether! Alfreda is brilliant, as usual.

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Yeah actually when i read alfreda’s suggestion my eyes glowed…i saw a solution for the lazy! Thank you!

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Just don’t do what I did in college…used gum. Didn’t hurt the lamp…left some weird stain on the desk! Thankfully…I graduated to silly putty.

Go with AlfredaPrufrock and good idea on avoiding the super glue. I fully expect to see my son do this, someday soon.

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flutherholeā€¦ ?

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you know your flutherhole…everyone has one..

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