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Do use narcotics to escape real life?

Asked by oasis (970points) January 4th, 2009

Do you use to fill a void for a time?
Are you addicted?
Do you care about the effects on your body ,mind,and the people around you?

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Nope, that is what booze is for.

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Narkotiks r stoopid.

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I use cookies.

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Trolling is not required.

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Nope. I use narcotics cause I enjoy the way they change my perception of the world. And I enjoy the way they make me feel. Plus, my narcotic of choice (cannabis) is not addictive nor causes physical harm, both in numerous studies as well as my personal observations. If anything, it has made me a better person – more tolerant of others’ choices and actions.

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id like to echo what dynamicduo said.

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NO. For God’s sake I’m 14!

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echoecho dynamicduo.

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Echo Asmonet!

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A quick google search reveals that Cannabis is not a narcotic in the legal sense.

In the federal controlled substances act Marijuana is listed as a non-narcotic. Cocaine is also NOT a narcotic. However, opium and heroin are narcotics.

But cannabis is definately my drug of choice, even over alcohol ^_^

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Once again the powers of the herb open up the mind seek deep inside tell me what you find. I love narcotics they make me look at the world and life in a completely different way from when I’m sober. I can actually take a look at reality when I’m high. I don’t care what people think about me doing them I’m very open about my drug use, it’s just the way I relax. Call me an addict if you want cuz I like to relax 24/7 : )

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@90skid: good you stay off of drugs at 14 I was doing lots of them.

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Aren’t all these answers showing that narcotics are perfect for “escaping real life”? Yes! you can “take a look at reality when you’re high”. It’s the distance you get from herb that gives you that ability. Distance = escape = perspective.

I already knew about fiction before I discovered dope. It’s still my drug of choice. Gail will be pleased.

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@susanc i think theres a big difference between using because you enjoy them and using them to run away from your problems though. I can still lead a completely normal life and enjoy my drug use as well. Im not taking them because my life sucks or anything like that, i take them because i enjoy the experience.

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i never understood why people used narcotics, i don’t get it at all but it may be because i’m never in the “real” world i’m always in another world so i don’t need them

for me “escaping” is reading a good book, day dreaming, illustrating, creating art, etc. i’m a very tolerant person not many things get to me unless they are meant to be malicious to me personally.

but i’m not going to lie, it does bother me that so many people are happy to let others know the sorta drugs they are into and most don’t even flinch about it.

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And I see people all the time doing drugs and I refuse.

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@tinyvamp “but i’m not going to lie, it does bother me that so many people are happy to let others know the sorta drugs they are into and most don’t even flinch about it.”


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I’d also like to know. :)

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@uberbatman: i don’t know how to put this because i haven’t thought about it as much as i’d like because it seriously bothers me. i can’t pin point it exactly but i think it’s because all my life its been washed into my brain “drugs are bad” and all the consequences, problems, etc that happen if you do choose this route. but then you find out so many people are doing what you’ve been told not to without any of the consequences that you were lead to believe.

it’s sorta deemed as cool like example marijuana (even though i don’t consider it bad, its not anymore harmful than tobacco and alcohol to me) and how everyone that does it has to make it a point that they smoke it and they love smoking bowls with their friends, same goes for cokeheads and meth kids.

whereas some people take actual prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, whatever and a lot of people will look down on them.

kind of like i have adhd and if i say i have to take adderall because i have adhd it’ll start a whole “oh that doesn’t exist, blah blah blah” but if i told someone yeah i crush my adderall and use it as speed then its “omg, i can get you some real speed but i must admit an adderall high is pretty sweet!”

i feel so out of place in the world because i don’t do drugs and i’m not a teenager. isn’t it suppose to be the opposite? ugh. there’s just so much behind it all for me that i think i’d need a day to sort it out to understand fully why it annoys me so much. lol.

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The cool factor comes from the illegal nature of the act, not the drug itself. :-/

Honestly, tinyvamp, you sound a lot like me before ever tried anything. I’ve told the story elsewhere but basically, I realized I was judging and vilifying behaviors I simply hadn’t even attempted to understand. I got some weed, smoked it, and changed my mind. :)
That’s the condensed version anyway.

It made me far more accepting of certain responsible users hard drugs like heroin or cocaine…I am not okay with. But then, they’re on a different scale.

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i understand the fact that its illegal gives it the cool factor…..

the thing is i don’t care if people do narcotics, my bf does it and i have many friends that don’t even bother with mj because thats a joke to them but are into much harder things, it doesnt bother me that they do it i think its more so how people act about it? idnno how to explain it but don’t judge me for taking adderall! lol

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Haha, I won’t. I see, I think what you’re saying is you have a problem with the attitudes surrounding drug culture and the significance applied to it by those participating?

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yeah! i think you’ve got it! points for you :) dance dance dance

its sad that i get this way when the adderall is wearing off

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Haha, no worries. :)
Glad I could be a foil for you to think about it.

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ahhh so like i thought, another victim of the drug propaganda bullshit in America. Those people you talk about that do drugs “because its cool” are only a VERY small percentage of those who actually take illicit drugs. And yes asmonets right, a lot of the allure comes from the fact its illegal. I do agree with you though tinyvamp, their are a lot of very immature people when it comes to drugs, but its best to not judge a whole group by a few dumbasses :P.

and no i dont judge you for taking adderall because you have ADHD. Though if you were to take them without said prescription i may judge. (abusing pills is stupid)

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@uberbatman: what if i was doing coke instead would you judge me

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Maybe, a little. :)
Alright, uberbatman said it better, see below.

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@tinyvamp, it depends on how you used it. Coke is a tricky one. I personally would never in a million years touch it just because of all the risks you run. But if you could use it in a responsible manner, no. Fact is, most dont use it in a responsible manner. I tend to lose respect for people when they become addicted to anything.

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why would you maybe judge me if was taking adderall without a prescription versus being a responsible coke user?

and why is it that people who smoke weed are so against people that do hard drugs?
its kind of like a tylenol user being upset that another person is using vicodin. shakes head

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Because like cocaine, adderall tends to get used irresponsibly a lot too in my experience. And i by no means only use marijuana. (name a hallucinogen, ive probably taken it at least once) the difference is the types of drugs. For the most part hallucinogens are safe and non addictive unlike cocaine. Your also for the most part not going to fall into some horrible life style for enjoying a nice trip every couple of weeks. Theres the difference.

I loathe the fact that people think just because i do some drugs im going to go shooting heroin someday or something like that. All drugs are very different, and thats why its important to be educated about them. People just lump them all together because they are all illegal.

Like i said above, im not going to judge someone if they can use whatever their drug of choice is responsibly, its when you cross that line into irresponsible drug use, that you lose my respect.

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they are all illegal but they all aren’t the same but at the same time not everyone experiences the same effects as others so i think its crazy when my friend who smokes pot non stop hates it when i see my friend who does coke once every 3 months.

although it is funny to see how upset he gets about it lol

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Your friend who smokes marijuana only gets upset because he cares for your friend who does coke and doesnt want to see anything bad happen to them.

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I be on that ktyptonite straight up on that kryptonite I be on I stay on it. Ha

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Coke, heroine, and even nicotine (which is not illegal) are all physiologically addicting, unlike cannabis. Sure, people can become addicted to cannabis, but it’s a psychological addiction, not a physiological one.

Regarding the “cool factor” that comes from certain drugs being illegal; this becomes a non-issue for people that would like to legalize them. Personally I don’t think that any drugs should be illegal. It’s a felony to possess a bit of cannabis, yet if you down a bottle of acetaminophen tablets you will die a very painful death from stomach ulcers and liver failure.

Not only that, but dumb asses will be dumb asses. Where’s the “cool factor” for kids that abuse cold and allergy medicine? Those are over-the-counter drugs!

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I use mind-altering drugs because the experience of shifting your consciousness to a different level is absolutely fascinating, and, if done with forethought and intelligence, very fun. As I see it, the mind is something to be played with and explored (responsibly), and rather than escaping from reality, use of drugs can expand and deepen your experience of it.

I’m not sure I agree with “hard” drugs being legalized in the sense that would be acceptable to take them. I do, however, disagree with the criminalization of users of these harmful, and often powerfully addictive drugs. Addiction drives people to do desperate things, and they should be treated, not jailed, in my opinion.

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