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Educators: has your school switched from all-pc to all-mac?

Asked by jfrederick (219points) January 5th, 2009

We are about to change from all-PC to all-Mac, and are also considering a classroom set of iPod Touch. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has useful insights or resources to share. (I am in a K-8 independent school)

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I’m not an educator, but I’m a college student…my college (as well as many other colleges that I have visited) have both Macs and PCs available. I think it’s important for students to be able to use both because you never know what will be available.

In my opinion, Macs are fine but they still hold a small percentage of the PC market, and most businesses are PC-only.

Anyways, how are you planning to use the iPod Touch in the classroom?

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We’ve gone in the opposite direction. In the 90’s we were about 10% pc but today it is is about 75% pc. We have a Mac lab but it’s mostly used for ‘art’ related applications.

I was involved in a focus group in the 80’s where they discussed the teo platforms and the consensus was that Apple was the company of the future. I never agreed because the pc seemed to have the heavyduty really useful apps.

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We’re a small school – I’m the tech integration specialist, but we only have one network administrator. It’s basically up to me to work with whatever we have, but that decision is not up to me. He says it has to all be the same so he can keep up w/ everything. We had some macbooks on loan from Apple for a few weeks and I absolutely love what we can do with them. I am looking forward to the change, but would like to make contact with other educators who have made the same change.

As for the Touch, I honestly don’t yet know exactly what we’re going to do with it. We can’t afford a one-to-one program that would put laptops in the hands of every student, but having some class sets of the iTouch along w/ several carts of macbooks would put us that much closer. There are, of course, tons of useful apps and I’m in the process of checking them out and playing with them, but I’d like to find a school that’s already using them – problem is that it’s a very new initiative – as seekingwolf said, the use of iphone is getting pretty common at the high school or college level, but at my level (K-8), it’s a little different…

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My university had mostly PCs. The only Macs to be found were in the Fine Arts building. Recently, Apple computers have made it into our Mass Communications department, and we have a few in our library now.

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