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Is there a way to speed up my pc processor speed without actually opening it up?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 5th, 2009 from iPhone

my pc has like 2.1gz procesor. if a game recomends at least 3.0ghz does that simply mean i can’t play? i have a 2.2ghz quad core processor and 4gb RAM, so everything is good and i hope i didn’t waste $1000 on a PC that STILL can’t play the newer games!!

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Yes, you can increase the speed of the CPU, it’s called overclocking. The max. speed you can achieve depends on many things, however, though going from 2,2 to 3 would probably be difficult even given the right conditions. The best bet is probably to check the motherboard manufacturer, they often have tools for the purpose.

Here is a guide to overclocking:

Beware thought that you can potentially harm the machine.

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Yes and no.

Specs like that written on the box of games, are for recommended settings. They often publish a list of minimum requirements, these generally ARE the bare minimum you need to run a game, and if you go below these minimums your game will either play slow as a slug or won’t even launch.

You can always try to run the game with a weaker processor/less RAM, you’ll just have to set the game settings lower in order to get a playable frame rate.

Of course there is the chance that the game will simply not run without that 3.0GHz processor. Depending on what type of computer you have though, you might be able to buy a new processor with a higher speed (and one that is compatible with your motherboard) and have it installed. However if you choose to go with this route, don’t do it yourself unless you have serious computer building knowledge – the processor is mounted on the motherboard and you really don’t want to mess either of the two up, otherwise you have a dead/wounded comp and less money. Find a friend to do it or go to a mom and pop store.

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Usually modern games that say “3.0ghz Processor” are refferring to older processors such as the Pentium 4. If your quad core is a newer Core 2 Quad you’ll probably be ok.

I’m big on the overclocking. I have a 3.16ghz Core 2 Duo OCd to 3.8ghz. The main things to worry about are how good you power supply is, and how good your CPU cooler is. If you are using a crappy PSU and the stock cooler, don’t expect to get an overclock of much more than 50 to 150mhz without getting unstable and incredibly hot.

Also, make sure that your gpu is up to par. If your CPU is old, it’s fairly likely that your gpu isn’t too great either. If you are using onboard graphics, forget about gaming.

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A game listing a 3.0 GHz processor as a requirement may not mean it literally (or may be inaccurate or incomplete), especially with the way current computers are. The GHz of a processor isn’t the best indicator of its actual performance. Especially with the Intel Core Duo and Quad processors – a 2.2 GHz Core Duo will tend to outperform a 3 GHz dual-core processor, which is what many game recommendations mean when they list 3 GHz CPU. (i.e., what Eambos posted as I was writing this).

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It will run, maybe with a slight reduction in frame rate. The video card is usually more important than the CPU for these things.

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