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What does it mean to look at someone as if the person is crazy?

Asked by LostInParadise (31942points) January 8th, 2009

It is a common expression to say that a person looked at someone as if the other person is crazy. But what does that mean exactly? I can’t think of what such a look would be.

Is this a natural response to someone perceived as insane, like looking at someone with incredulity, dismissiveness or fear? If so, how would you describe it?

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Eyes open slightly more than normal, one eyebrow raised and my face turned away at about 45 degrees.

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Crazy isn’t always a bad thing!

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I’d agree on the wide open eyes thing, but I think the chin moves down, and the mouth pulls back at it’s corners and the nose wrinkles, as if you can’t believe they did that or said that.

As to what it means socially, I think it’s mostly incredulity, but a very strong incredulity. I think it is being aided by the “oh no you didn’t,” snap snap snap thing that seems to be taking over our culture.

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They look at you like this ;-/ when you are trying to explains something to them.

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Something I just thought of. I think there must be a look of amusement that is incorporated, indicating that whatever is being said or done can be readily dismissed. Imagine that you are saying something you regard as serious and the person you are talking to has this kind of half smile, perhaps mixed with a little bit of fear. Wouldn’t you interpret that to mean that the other person was trying to placate you but was of the opinion that you were totally bonkers?

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It’s very similar to when they look at you like you’re from another planet, except the nostrils aren’t as flared and the eyebrows arch a little more.

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They look at you like you have seven hundred and eighty-four heads.
I agree with Asmonet’s response. Their heads also move back a little.

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What my facial expression is right now.

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