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What's it like working for a cable network channel?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) January 8th, 2009

ReelzChannel is moving to Albuquerque and hiring. I would probably be qualified for a job involving writing, production or marketing or a related area, although I have limited experience working in TV/movies in general. What would I potentially be getting myself into? Any tips?

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I heard this feature on The Story on NPR a couple of weeks ago. You might find it interesting, you may be able to get some info. It is the third one down called “TV Shopping.”

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Every channel (just like every company) is different, especially if you work in different departments. Working in marketing would be exactly like working in marketing anywhere else. Producing a show and especially a live one would be entirely different.

Of course I’ve only been on TV a couple of times and don’t know much about it, but I’ve worked in radio a lot and have a cousin who’s worked for all the major Australian broadcasters. Every experience is different.

As with any job, keep your eyes open and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Hopefully it will be something you’ll enjoy :)

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I work for the content division of a cable network and love it. My company is an industry leader, and things are very secure for me there. I’m not sure how that goes for smaller networks; but I can definitely say that my work environment is both challenging and fun. You should try for a job there!

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