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What google search do you want to be the first result for?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) January 12th, 2009

so when someone is interested in something, (“question readers”)—> you are the leading go to

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“hotness”. maybe “brilliance”.

I’m satisfied with being maybe 9 or 10 on the list for “modesty”.

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“Who would like this spare billion dollars”

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@andrew, You should be #1 hit on Google for hotness. See here why.

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repository of chocolate arcana

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< < didn’t know that @andrew played the part of Screech in Saved by the Bell.

That really is badass!

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@robmandu: I will cut you in your face.

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nothin’ but lurve for ya, brutha… nothin’ but lurve.

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I would like to be the first Google search result on my own name—and I am.

As for expertise, I don’t think I’d want everyone to come to me on anything, although I do love being recognized by a few whose opinions I respect. I’d like to be in the top academic echelon in several of my fields of interest, but that possibility went by a long time ago.

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Good point, @Jeruba. Tried that with robmandu and I like the result.

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That’s all you, eh, @robmandu? Congrats. I see that my screen name has other existences. I was referring to my real name, though: no duplicates.

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@Jeruba – hah, I considered uniqueness when picking my most-often-used username. My real name is quite unique too so those hits are all me, but there’s nothing really interesting on there…

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Tits, haha, because I’m sure it gets googled a good deal.

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Oscar winner for best adapted screenplay based on her own runaway best seller The Great American Novel.

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Owner of cutest pets

Wife of (any of the) Jonas Brothers =)

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I just googled “elchoopanebre.” (I use it for basically every screen or member name of anything I do online).

My whole internet life came up…So yay I’m number one in a search for something.

But I think I’d rather it be the number one result for “best Otto Von Bismarck look-alike mustache” though.

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When I google myself (real name) I find a newspaper article where I was interviewed for a brainstorming meeting with Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) in Florida. I suggested putting Food Stamps and Medicaid on a plastic debit card instead of paper, among other things, and it was my small claim to fame at the time. The article was written in may of 1991.

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@elchoopanebre : I am so down with OvB!

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Bestselling authors.

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That definitely makes two of us.

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When I took the AP European History exam, I got to write an essay comparing OvB and Oliver Cromwell… it was pretty freakin’ epic.

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Effortlessly Entrancing:)

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