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Why Will My iPod touch Only Charge On My Computer?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) January 12th, 2009

I got a iPod touch 1st gen last year. I havent had ANY problems with it until now. It will no longer charge on my sisters docking station, nor will it charge on my charger which I plug into the wall. Sometimes when I try to charge it, either nothing happens or it will show the symbol for it being fully charged, when its not fully charged. Anyone know how to fix this problem, or why this is happening? By the way its been doing this for about a week or so.

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Reset (go on itunes, it’s easy).

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If reset doesn’t work, your plug might be ‘burnt out’. happened to my bro last year, he just bought a new plug (wall) and it works fine now.

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@sharricharan, my plug in isnt burnt out, I have tried it with my sisters docking station, my plug in and some other plug-ins I have lying around. Also I think my battery is shot because I unknowingly always charge it and leave it on the charger and I charge it when the battery is almost fully charged. How much is a new battery? btw its a touch, 1st gen, 8 GB.

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@steve6 and @sharricharan, will reseting my iPod erase all my stuff?

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