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Will iTunes Delete My Music/Movies?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) March 31st, 2009

I have an iPod touch with some music, lots of movies, and 3 movies that I paid for from iTunes. I had the program iTunes on my laptop but yesterday it broke down. I fixed it but all my stuff is deleted. All my programs (including my iTunes, my pictures, everything. Gone. My question is though if I download iTunes again and connect my iPod to it will it delete all my music/movies, including the paid for ones? If so can I somehow re-upload my paid iTunes movies from the iTunes store again without having to re-purchase them? It dosent really matter if I can’t get my music back, but can I still keep my movies, eveb the ones from Limewire? Help!

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Yeah, unfortunately the iPod is not designed to sync movies/music back to a computer. Your iTunes purchases are likely unable to be redownloaded, though you might contact iTunes support. Once you sync your iPod to the computer it will wipe what is on it and want to reformat for use with the new iTunes library and it’s content. This is probably stating the obvious, but be sure to back up your stuff in the future to protect your investments. I hope this helps.

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There is software out there that will allow you to dump your iTunes back onto your computer from your iPod. Try Googling it.

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