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Can you suggest some cool ways in which companies have used Twitter to connect with their customers?

Asked by richardhenry (12659points) January 12th, 2009

I mean the really genuine or awesome ways, and not just the companies that use Twitter as some crappy broadcast feed.

I’m also looking for micro-sites and websites that use the Twitter API.

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jrpowell's avatar—It seems to be a real person and not a bot.—Amazon lists daily deals for music.

Those are the best ones I can think of.

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I like how Comcast kind of uses it. There’s this guy Frank who watches Twitter for mentions of Comcast problems. If you Tweet your issue, he often gets in touch with you and tries to help you fix it. And he must be pretty high up or whatever because he seems to have the authority to actually, you know, fix it. Which is a damn miracle when it comes to Comcast.

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There are a lot of news organizations who use Twitter now in newspapers, radio, and TV. Heres a list. Not sure if it’s a complete list but it’s a list nonetheless.

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Yea, I originally missed your point. As for how Twitter is used by those mediums… not sure. Someone else can do the Google work on that one.

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We’re starting to use Yammer internally at work, which is pretty cool.

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Sorry to be so naive, but what does twitter do?

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Twitter is microblogging. Each post is 144 characters or less. No exceptions.

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