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What Are These 2 Parallel Dimple-Like Things On My Lower Back?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) January 13th, 2009

I have two dimples about the size of dimes on my lower back. I know they are not ab-normal because I’ve seen them on other people. What are they though? And what is their purpose, if they have one?

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They are butt dimples. Their only purpose is to look cute.

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you were abducted by aliens and they experimented on you

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It’s just the way the muscle and fat on bodies is distributed it. :)

Look at that area i an anatomy book, or google it, it’s pretty clear.

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@chyna butt dimples? but they’re not even on my butt, they are on my lower back?

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They’re called dimples of Venus.
These indentations are created by a short ligament stretching
between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin.

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does everyone have these dimples?

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Anyone in relatively good shape usually have them.
The allusion to Venus seems misleading
because guys can have them too.

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yeah, guys do have them too, it said on the wiki thing you sent. Im not a guy though so maybe its not true, I’m not sure.

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[is resisting the urge to draw Venn diagrams]

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Something to look at.

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There’s probably a better method of explaining your flaw in logic.
But Venn diagrams are my personal go-to when it comes to logical connectives.

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@desiree333: Your parallel dimple like things are normal. OK?

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And I am HUGE and I have them. Contrary to popular belief, they are not on/off buttons, and no, digging your finger into them isn’t visible from the front side!!

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Do you have them on the back of your shoulders, too??

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I dont have them.

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@rowenaz, umm i dont think so, but I never really looked. maybe.

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Those are the thumbrints of God when he finished molding your lovely derriere.

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they are your posterior superior iliac spines (bumps on the back round part of your hip bone, one on each side)—they also help create the sacral triangle—if you draw a line between the dimples you’ll see a triangle below that created by the sacrum (a big bony rounded-triangle that the gluteus maximus attaches to.

everyone has those spines, but on those with less defined muscles they may appear as bumps rather than dimples.

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