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In your opinion, why do some people feel the need to jump from one relationship to another?

Asked by Jude (32190points) January 15th, 2009

It’s as though they have to be with someone, and when that doesn’t work, they move right onto the next; not giving themselves any “alone time”.

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Could I venture to guess it’s because the person in question doesn’t want any “alone time”? Perhaps feels lonely/insecure/unfulfilled without a significant other, however temporary that may be?

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Because they get upset about being dumped, so they find someone else to replace you…

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Some people just need to be with someone—feeling loved and needed. Or at least able to tell themselves they are loved and needed.

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I agree with EP :)

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Humans evolved to like, or need to be in a relationship. It’s how more humans are produced. Time not in a relationship probably does not confer a survival advantage.

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Fear of being alone? Low self-esteem?

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Some are searchers waiting for perfection. They believe one day they will find the man or women of their dreams and it will be magical like in the movies.

Others just don’t want to commit and enjoy their freedom of being single.

Another group would be the untrusting who don’t believe in real relationships.

The last but not least are the conquerors they view people like trophies and keep score on how many times they get lucky.

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Distraction from their own stuff.

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the answer is in the question. They don’t want to be alone. I have been like that for most of my life, though I didn’t really have a choice sometimes, so ended up spending de facto “alone time” whether I liked it or not. The only time I did it consciously was after my marriage broke down, when I spent 1 year before even talking to a woman again and even more than that before I started dating. My first serious relationship was 26 full months after my divorce.

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I think a lot for a people, they have to get that high from the limerence stage over and over again. I knew a guy like that at uni. Every time he hit the three- or four-month mark, the thrill was gone for him and he would fall madly in love with someone else. Neither young lady seemed to know what hit them coming or going with this boy. He wasn’t interested in me at all, thank Bob.

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I totally agree with you there. I know a guy just like that. I call it the “infatuation” stage though. I think some people think that being in a relationship means you must be infatuated with each other, and if not, then you’re not in love and you should move on because you’d be happier. I totally disagree with that though…

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Some people also have dependency issues and need someone there because they can’t function entirely independently.

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For me…I always seem to think i’m “rebounding” and just “having a good time” then I wake up one morning a year later and i’m like “how the fuck did I just end up in this year long relationship?! That wasn’t part of the plan!”. My serial monogamy is totally accidental.

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