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Does anyone have an airhorn or loud noise maker of some sort?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) January 16th, 2009

My neighbors are probably the most ANNOYING PEOPLE on the PLANET. Not even kidding. They’re so sososo loud, they are blasting music and yelling.
What would you do if you were me?

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Another noise problem, huh? Like I said last time, I’d try to ask them politely to be a little more quiet. If that didn’t work I’d call the cops with a noise complaint.

Or just wait until they get quiet and blast your own music for about ten to fifteen minutes.

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Yeah. I think this place is like, addicted to annoying noises. I think I might say something if i see them tomorrow UGHHHHHHHH. But for now, blasting of the music sounds superb.

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Get a beagle!

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call the non-emergency line for a noise complaint. I wouldn’t bother asking them to turn it down, you’d appear to be “that person” who can’t take the noise, and they probably won’t turn it down anyways. I would feel like a tool to ask personally…like I’m too old to take the noise. If I didn’t want to call the police, I’d plug in my noise canceling shur e2 headphones and listen to some tunes on my ipod.

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I don’t have a phone hahahah. I’m on an island and my phone doesnt work here :[

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ipod it is I guess…or walk over and ask them to take it down a notch.

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Oh god no loser! My neighbor has one and it’s horrible! I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy(plus I think it might backfire and you would just get more annoyed)!

Ok so what you wanna do is pull some pranks, sabotage, subversion, mischief! Play your loud annoying noises twice as loud and twice as worst!

Or you could just put bleach in their gas tanks, and slash their tires.

Or you could order like 30 pizzas to his house

Or you could find one of their stray drinks and put ipecac in one, or all.(better yet give them a gift, a drink or so, and have it already spiked with some)

Or you could sign them up for gay porn, or something really embarrassing

Or you could get a strong mixture of round up weed killer and just spray it on their lawn but spell out something like “We fuck goats” or “We’ll suck your dick for a Happy Meal” or better yet “Gay sex is a dollar, no women”

Or you could put Vaseline on their windshield wipers, it doesn’t wash off

Or you could put superglue in all of their locks around their house, it works on cars too

Or you could get a gallon of paint and some dry ice, run up to their house while they’re sleeping or away and put the dry ice inside of the paint and hammer it shut so it’ll explode and they’ll have a newly painted doorway, be sure to get an extremely ugly color

Or you could get one of the big city trash cans, fill it up with water, and then lean it against their door so when they open the door, they either can’t, or get 100 gallons of water in their foyer.

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Okay. The only thing I would do is the gay porn thing, but make sure it’s free. Even then, it’s something I could picture myself doing, but probably never would. Andddddddd. All the other stuff is WAY mean. I’m really not that mean!

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Well I say consider the Vaseline one, it’s all oily and they would have to wipe it off with they’re hands, plus it’s more cost efficient than the gay porn thing.

For the gay porn it would probably cost like 50 bucks+, I don’t know cause I don’t really order magazines of any kind, but it’s a safe bet that it would be much more than the 15 dollars that would cover the Vaseline and gas, depending on how far a commute is to the local grocery.

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@xxporkxsodaxx suuuuure, I bet you don’t know the price of gay porn…haha I kid, I kid.

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Haha, I knew someone would do that, so I tried to pull it off but I knew it would do me no good so I just said to hell with it, this flutherite needs my suggestions!

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@RandomMrdan lmao lmao lmao.

and hmmm. hmmmmmmmmmm. plotting

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Oh, I could do something for you if you guys use american numbers in the CIs.

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What do you mean by use american #‘s?

I’m like Cayman-illiterate.
I dunno how shit works here lmao. But maybe if you elaborateeeeee

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Haha, like I have an iPhone and I can call all numbers in the US with this app called SpoofApp and I can change my voice and record calls and whatnot, oh not to mention change my displayed caller ID to anything I want.

I think you guys use something else, but I would call and use a sound board or just change my voice and piss them off.

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Yeah we have something diff. Plus, I don’t know their # haha

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Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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Yes, thank you!!

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5 words- looks like an electrical fire.

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If you want to be mean, put an empty sugar bag by their car, near the gas tank opening. Sprinkle a little sugar on the ground, but do NOT pour any down the tank. Just make it look like you did. Here’s why. There is no way to test for sugar in a gas tank without disassembling the entire fuel system. That’s $600 easy.

Or you could get really creative, crawl under their car and smear really foul fish bait on their exhaust manifolds. Once the manifold is hot, that foul stuff bakes into the metal and they will never get rid of the smell. They’ll have to get rid of the car.

I blame xxporkxsodaxx for helping me to remember these neat little tricks. :-)

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