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Can you think of questions that call for creative answers?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) January 20th, 2009

Extra points for questions that can be asked on a fact-only site.

I like to play around, joke around, tell stories, be silly. This place needs some lightening up, I think. We are far too serious. Now, you know it must be very, very serious if I say that, because I’m one of the more serious people on the planet. Or so people tell me. Lighten up, Daloon. I get so annoyed when they say that. I want my hidden inner comedian/sillian/creativian to come out.

So, do you have any suggestions that would work here? Do you like these kinds of questions? What kinds of questions are fun for you?

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I used to work for

I gave factual answers and would be a smartass with smartass questions.

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@chelseababyy: I LOVE CHACHA, but they don’t respond to my questions half the time.

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What do you think they are eating at the inaugural dinner?
Never mind I already know… Turkey with a Cherry Chutney and for dessert a Cinnamon Sponge Cake with a Sweet Cream Glace.
Thanks for reporting the news ABC… no one cares.

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@madcapper (my liberal response) and I wonder what the homeless are eating in my city today.
@madcapper (my conservative response) the turkeys dry, can I get a steak?

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@ judo hahaha love it!

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If you could draw a cartoon character of yourself what would you be, what would you look like, and why????

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Personally, I don’t have a problem with the questions on here. It’s when people start attacking other people (aggressively/passive-aggressively) when it stops being fun. It can help to have a fair sense of humor with seriousness, though, if things seem to be getting too edgy.

But if I were awarding points to questions, I’d award them to questions that can’t be answered by “fact-only sites” ‘cause I think those’d be more fun. Facts are boring sometimes; show me something I don’t know. I guess that’s why I love (speculative) fiction.

Anyways, here’s a random question: how would our lives change if…people didn’t have fingers? >_>

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<—Someone else drew a cartoon of me.

If I had no fingers, my fly would always be open.

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@Introverted_Leo: what an excellent principle for generating such questions! What if…..

They you’re asking for info, but letting people run free with their imaginations! Cool! Thanks! Lurve!

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There are those rare times that I consider answering a question seriously and see a shiny, bright, silly answer too. If that silly answer is concrete enough to be put into words, I do it. I think a lot of us do. Answers are easy to make light-hearted.

So, you’re saying that the questions can be heavy? I like that the seriousness of some of them doesn’t pave the way for nonsense and creativity. The nonsense just seems to evolve unexpectedly. I lurve it. But if we want to create questions that call for creative answers… Well, I think the limerick, Fluther story, and pancake threads could all serve as a model.

@Introverted_Leo – Very good point. “What if” questions provide ample opportunity for both creativity and educated guesses.

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@jasongarrett: lol, excellent. Then again, if we didn’t have any fingers to begin with, would they even bother to make zippers?

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@Introverted_Leo: excellent question. Don’t you think you should ask it?

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@TitsMcGhee EW. That’s lame. I answer seriously every question.

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@chelseababyy: Yeah, and they weren’t even stupid questions either. It was like “what is the closest Starbucks to the 501 gallery in new york, ny 10011” or whatever address I was at. It was silly.

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i never heard of chacha before this question, and im kinda happy. You guys like that site? Seems like a lot of low quality questions with even more low quality or just downright wrong answers.

As far as questions that call for creative answers, dont ya think i would be asking them on fluther if i knew any? :P

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Ooo, Ooo, I got a good one…

What if there were NO cosmetic plastic surgery but for ONLY those w/ SEVERE medical conditions/purposes?

What are the crazy reasons/excuse(s)
do you think people will come up with to finagle the system?

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@uberbatman: chacha is best for me when I’m out and about and have no interwebs access (otherwise, I’d ask fluther, of course!), and need an answer pronto. I text chacha and (hopefully) get an answer.

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What happens when Carmen Sandiego can’t find Waldo?

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I can think of a lot of questions but I don’t always need to ask them. I just ask things that I need help with that I can’t find the answers to elsewhere.

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@loser, The mods ‘yank’ my silly questions. I have asked a bunch of them, so don’t feel bad. I would like to lighten this place up, but the mods are persecuting my fun. I’ll go to Askville with silly questions, over there, they don’t have ‘modulated quality control issues’ :-)

Yup, my assholiness is hanging out all over the place like the pasty white buns of an obese man in a too tight speedo.

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Well, now there’s some creative use of words!
And an image I am trying very hard to forget!!!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra They removed your silly questions? Can you give a few examples here? I thought I was skating close to the edge with the icebulbs question, but it was let through.

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Yes. I get paid to ask questions that need creative answers.

Here’s one: how could democracy as practiced in America be fixed?

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. couldn’t resist

But it is interesting. Ask questions that implicitly presume something that is arguable in itself.

I was actually thinking of creative in the sense that the answers would need to be imaginative in a more fantastic sense. We get plenty of practical questions here. And although they require some creativity, it’s an easy kind of creativity. I prefer things that are impossible, or absurd, where you have to break all the conventions to get anything at all.

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I have a question: if everyone posted pictures of their exposed butts, then how might daloon feel?

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It’s not a butt, it’s the world.

But I think it would totally be cool if everyone put up pictures of their own butts. Totally, totally cool!

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I wanted to ask a new silly question, but wasn’t sure if I could get it past our censor-happy overlords, the moderators. I’m kidding, I love each and every one of the moderators in a very platonic, almost romantic non-stalkerish kind of way. Maybe someday I’ll get the cojones to ask it.

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