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How much does an Airbus A320 weight?

Asked by colog (73points) January 20th, 2009

Related to this question, how much does an Airbus A320 actually weight?

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That depends on the type.
A318–100 39,300 kg (86,650 lb
A319–100 40,600 kg (89,950 lb)
A320–200 42,400 kg (93,500 lb)
A321–200 48,200 kg (106,300 lb)

These are of course unladen african Airbusses.

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I found different numbers, this site says:
Max. take off weight: 77.020 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 65.999 Kg.

But this site says:

Max. take-off weight: 75,900 kg / 77.000 kg
Max. landing weight: 64,500 kg

These are not comparable to the post above, since they show max weight, and he shows empty weight.

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A320–200 – Operating empty with V2500s 42,220kg (93,079lb); with CFM56s 42,175kg (92,980lb). Standard max takeoff for both versions 73,500kg (162,040lb) or optionally 75,500kg (166,445lb) or 77,000kg (169,755lb).

Google is your friend.

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i find it intriguing with the difference in take off and landing weight. anyone ?

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Pulling flight 1549 out of the water, the New York Times estimated its weight a “one million pounds.”

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I would assume the difference between takeoff and landing weight is the total weight of the fuel that was burned in-flight.

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ya.its 100% due to fuel.During takeoff fuel will not be used.hence the aircraft has more weight

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g force makes the plane weigh more or influences during take off more so than landing so I wonder if they take that in to account as well

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