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What activity(ies) do you wish you had more time for in your life?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) January 20th, 2009

If you had the resources, what things that you do now, would you do more often? Why?

What would you cut out of your life if you could? Why?

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I’d cut work out, because I’d have the resource of money.
I’d play more sport if I had the motivation.

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Playing with my children. Working on my marriage. Working on animation.

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I would like to do more travelling.

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Going to the gym. I love going, but I find it incredibly hard after a full day at work. (I am not a morning gym person.)

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Painting my feelings out and therefore letting go…
Reading – I would settle for enough time for one every other day
Sleeping – particularly that bit of sleep where you’re drifting in and out and it’s like being stoned
Eating expensive food and drinking good quality wine
Naughty things :-p
Cuddling up the sofa watching great films and cuddling my son if only he’d let me hold him forever
Emanating love to my family and friends


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@ tits, what if you had as much time for sex as you wanted, but a dearth of people willing to do it with you? I know this situation is laughable, but try to imagine. What then?

of course, if you do find the time, then I’m your old dog ;-)

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I agree with april, traveling, more specifically abroad I think. More time being spent doing little projects and fun ideas I find online, design, decorating, anything crafty, cooking.

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I would quit doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, all those fun household chores, for just a little extra time to hike.

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i’d like to rattle off a long list of things i ‘just don’t have the time for’, but really, what i need right now isn’t time, it’s motivation. (;

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@daloon: :( What a depressing suggestion. But if it were true…. hey hey, whassup, wink wink, nudge nudge, come and see momma. ;)

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Backpacking, hiking and road trips for me. Just not enough spare time in my life for exploration!

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Spending more time with the ones I love most , both at home doing nothing and traveling the world together. Spending time together is the best investment I have ever made with the most profitable return. As bad as the economy gets, time spent with my husband and daughter can never be taken away.

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@TitsMcGhee: I’m on my way, although I have the misfortunate habit of getting lost, so could you send me directions? But don’t worry, the direction finding of my… ahem… is right on target!

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I would definitely travel more. Doing so would probably take of most of my time because I can’t think of anything better.

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I have a lot of time right now, and even though I’m not rich, I am not really broke either (as a matter of fact I am so broke that it no longer matters and I’ll sort it all out later).

I always thought that if I ever found myself in such a situation I’d either write a book or play Oblivion. Instead, I find most of my day being taken up by mundane things such as time spent on public transport (my car is 5 countries away) or doing the laundry. I also got a haircut today. And most of my spare time is taken up by either the book I’m reading or rewatching all the “Friends” episodes.

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Oh, I agree with TitsMcGee SEX SEX SEX.

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@daloon: If you get to NYC, I got you from there! (Although I won’t be back til Saturday…)

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@TitsMcGhee: Saturday it is then. Should I use the Holland tunnel, the Lincoln tunnel or the George Washington Bridge? Oh, and what’s your favorite color for underwear?

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@daloon: Whatever works, haha. And do you mean my own underwear or others?

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@TitsMcGhee: Oh Tits! I’d think that should be obvious. Use your imagination. I do. I guess I’ll take the Holland, I it doesn’t matter. But I’m not a big fan of NYC driving. Which is odd, since I used to do it all the time. But that was many lives ago.

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I neeeeever drive in the city (not having a car up there has something to do with it for sure). I walk just about everywhere. Oh, and shape and fabric > color, but red and black are always good.

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Can do. If you like, I can skip the car and take the train and subway.

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I want to learn how to surf, paint, swim, play tennis, ride a bike for many miles, run fMRIs, play squash, speak another language, and play an instrument reasonably well.

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@jonsblond: preach, sister! Lurve to ya.

@nikipedia: I’d love to spend more time swimming, surfing, and in or on the water, too.

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@daloon: As long as you don’t get almost irreversibly lost in strange places like Bushwick and 145th street, which I (drunkenly) do on occasion.

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Hmm, I don’t know if I remember properly, but aren’t Bushwick and 145th street kind of the opposite direction from each other on the A train? (ok, now that tune is running through my head).

In any case, I don’t get lost. I’ve tried, believe me. And failed. Although, I have to say, if I don’t know which stop to get off at, I might end up at my brother’s place in the Slope. He says the nightclub next door is so loud, so many hours of the day, that he is severely sleep deprived. Maybe you would like living there, since you could fall out of bed, and end up in the club. That is, if you ever went to bed. Oh yeah. You have to. Well, maybe not but it seems that engaging in your favorite pasttime requires a bed much of the time. But anyway….

Yikes. Sometimes even I get a little stunned at the way my stream of consciousness goes.

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@daloon: Twas quite hilarious to read, and yeah, they are on the opposite sides of the city (well kinda, 145 is was uptown, Bushwick is in Brooklyn), but I take the 1 train, not the A train. Close enough though.

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I’m with tiffy on this one. Time is not my problem, motivation is. If I had the motivation, I’d spend more time writing, designing, painting, etc.

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@TitsMcGhee: I’ll tell you what. I’ll head over to Astor Place and play you some music you ain’t never heard before (‘cause it’s mine). It’ll be jazz-like. You’ll have an easy time finding me. I’ll be the one with the silver flugelhorn.

You can find Astor Place, can’t you?

just teasing

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@daloon: A silver flugelhorn will certainly stand out, haha.

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@TitsMcGhee: I can hardly wait, as would be obvious to anyone who saw me!

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I’d like to have more time and money to do the things I’d like. I want to ice skate, go horseback riding, publish my own book. But these things are expensive, and I don’t have the money.

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@mangeons a very wise woman once told me there is always a way even without money i found it difficult to believe her…but it is true

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@lynneblundell Yes, very true, but not for everything. In some great things, there are.

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hmmmm @mangeons can you tell me what exactly you are thinking you cannot do becuase of money? maybe i can help… obviously not with the money part (i’m temporarily out of cash due to too much dreaming)

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@lynneblundell Like, I’d like to take ice skating lessons, horseback riding lessons, but those are really expensive.

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@mangeons Our local park district has ice skating lessons for about $30 a month. I don’t know about where you live, but you could look into that possibility. You could cut something out of your budget for at least a month to give something new a try.

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@mangeons or you could ask the owners if you could clean the horses out for a couple of hours or something to help pay for them… or ask them if there is anything else you could do for them by way of using your skills perhaps?

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@lynneblundell Yeah, I can’t get a job until I can drive. :( Wait, I couldn’t get a job now anyways…

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