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How did you feel about Obama's speech?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) January 20th, 2009 from iPhone

Favorite quotes from it?

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so funny that you posted this. I had just signed on to post this.

My favorite line was a quote to our enemies

“We are willing to extend a hand if you are willing to unclench that fist.”

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His speech was good. To the point, and delivered in a strong fashion. There wasn’t much more he could say really other than putting his usual rhetoric into, well, some more rhetoric. He know what he has to do, and he reiterated that. It was about the moment, not the speech!

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I thought it was more cliché than anything, certainly not amazing, but not dull either.

I guess i spend too much time being paranoid about over-used sentences and phrases, but i feel like anyone could say what he said today, but he certainly said it better than many other people could have.

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I kept waiting for “you know” or a folksy shrug of the shoulders.

Thankfully, nothing like that happened.

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“We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.”

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I thought it was damn near perfect. Precisely the antithesis of everything Bush was, is, or stands for. It was inclusive in a way that has been completely absent for 8 years and it extended well beyond America. Make no mistake, the damage that’s been done will take decades to correct, if it ever is. Obama’s speech, however, shows Americans and the world that the new Administration is at least aware of the problems (which is more than can be said of the previous Administration). Whether or not they can address them remains to be seen.

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I was pretty shocked when i heard Obama mention us non-believers. I also really liked hearing “We will restore science to its rightful place”

This line really said a lot
”....and why a man whos father may have not been served in a local restaurant sixty years ago can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath….”

Great speech imo

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I wondered why Obama used the word “non-believer,” rather than atheists and agnostics. While it was a step in the right (inclusive) direction, I thought it would have been more honoring to be more specific. Your thoughts on that?

(Personally, I’m a “believer” – spiritual, but not very religious.)

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@Trustinglife i dont mind “non believers” personally. I think it was said just to avoid having to say both atheists and agnostics and where ever the hell else people fall in between. Just like he said Christians and not all the different branches of it. I may be over thinking this though.

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Interesting. Good to know. If I were agnostic, I don’t think I’d like being called a “non-believer.” It sounds to me similar to being called a “non-Christian” (I’m Jewish).

But I’m being picky. I’m so so so happy today.

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well i cant really speak for how agnostics feel about it since i am deep into the atheist camp, soooo they may feel the same way as you with the whole “non-Christian” thing. unno. Fuck it, we have a new president, im happy.

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I’m agnostic and I was fine with it. I wouldn’t expect him to spend 20 minutes listing off everything.

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I’m Jewish (ethnically and culturally)and vacillate between agnostic and atheistic. Non-believer was fine with me.

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Good to know! So much for being slightly offended on behalf of others!
Let that be a lesson to me.

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It wasn’t especially dynamic, but a lot of it was what we needed to hear, especially the parts about putting aside childish things, and how we all are responsible for how our country lives up to its ideals, and that wealthy countries can’t consume without regard to the effects of that on poorer nations. And yet, he let those who’d use the West as an excuse to treat their people like shit know that we know what they’re up to.

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haha on the note of ‘non-believers’, when he first said it, i don’t know why but i was like “huh?”. i really liked the speech; i liked that he was respectful enough to not pinpoint bush or make any obvious remarks about his horrible leadership, yet didn’t beat around the bush (really, no pun intended) about the country’s bad shape.

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I fucking slept through the whole thing! I’m sick :(
I was so looking forward to it, too! I’ll watch it later when I can pay attention again.

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it was awesome, you’ll enjoy it aug. Feel better soon :)

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Thanks :)

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It was very good, but not great. No JFK, FDR, Reagan at the Berlin Wall or Lincoln at Gettysburg moment. Good luck, President.

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I feel the same way. Still, I’m exceedingly grateful – and hopeful.

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I think it WAS great, but not exciting. The greatness was in the pieces that aprilsimnel has already cited, the parts about responsibility and acting like adults.
That’s never that catchy, though, is it?

I do get very, very, very, very, very, very tired of having to hear over and over and over
and over that the cool think about Barack is that he’s black. That’s not the cool thing
about him (though it IS cool that we elected a black guy). The cool things about him are that he’s adult and disciplined. We haven’t seen either of those things since, oh, hmm, um, maybe Ike?
I think we’re in for it – we’re going to be shamed into stepping up and acting like responsible people. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig change, America.

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I’ve been avoiding all election media for reasons i’m embarrassed to elaborate on, but the inauguration was on while I was working and I got sucked in.

I have to say I was FLOORED when I saw the footage of him walking in.
It’s the first time I really looked at him.
SO poised, calm, cool, collected, powerful.

But his speech? I don’t think anything he can say would match the grandeur of the myth that is Obama. If I were his manager – I’d instruct him to say as little as possible and let him be a blank canvas for people to project all the magic they want to believe in.

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I had exactly the same thought as Trustinglife—“non-believer” is an oddly insulting way to refer to atheists—but it doesn’t mean I don’t love him for including that.

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