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What do you know about boils?

Asked by basp (4811points) January 20th, 2009 from iPhone

I have gotten boils in my armpit. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? What did you do to make them go away and how do you keep them from returnng?

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Oh my goodness… I used to get them all the time. Always, always on the right side. Once a few years ago, I had 17 of them all at once. I went to the doctor… blood tests galore were all normal… an antibiotic cleared them up. I haven’t had that happen in years, except for the occasional one.

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Oh my goodness! Seventeen at once!

I just picked up antibiotics from the pharmacy. When you took the antibiotics, that made them go away at the time or do they not return after antibiotics?

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Don’t pinch. Use hot compresses, wet, to draw out the yuck. If it drains, apply sterile dressing. Get antibiotics.

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Thanks for the tips, cdwccrn. I’ve been using hot compresses and that seems to help.

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@basp: Yeah, when I had that really bad flare-up, there was definitely something going on because I also had next to no energy whatsoever. It was bad.

I actually can’t remember if the antibiotics prevented more. It’s been a few years.

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The Cryptkeeper always talked about boils and ghouls. Probably meant something else, though. :-)

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…at about age 12, i got blasted with boils from my shoulders down to my ankles…individual boils were painful, and to make matters worse, some appeared to interconnect…the pain overall gave me fever…i’m not going to make any suggestions but share that i recovered completely…

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Okay, your really going to think I am nuts but if you do this, It really does work! Peel a big piece of potatoe and put white side directly on boil, secure with bandaid over night. It brings it to surface and pops, but it is gross when it does. Don’t pinch or squeeze.

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