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Any idea why Facebook is down?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) January 20th, 2009

Is it traffic overload, related to Inauguration Day? How long has it been down? Has this happened before, connected with big events?

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It’s workin’ for me.

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Yep. Not down for me either.

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The facebook god smites you.
actually I have gotten those messages a couple times over the past few days, but could get back on after 5 minutes.

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not down for me. I’ve been on it all day.

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Not working for me, started with just a facebook load error, then said it was a system error and they were working on it, now I can’t access the page at all… we’ll see how long it takes…

apparently it’s just us…

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It might be per region, it was down 2 days ago for me, they they came back mostly except for the image server for me.

Rolling Facebook blackouts… lol

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Someone just threw a snowball at me, so it’s lame apps as usual over here.

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That’s so interesting! Glad I asked. It’s been down on my iPhone and computer for about 3 hours now, and was working before that. I’m in California. Would love to have a snowball thrown at me.

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I just blocked a snowball and all further paraphenalia from the same user, so it looks to be working just fine.

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It’s back up – hooray!

Still curious about any insights as to why it went down today and other days.

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It went down for me too…. :-(

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The apocalypse!

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