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If only 1 of the opposite sex existed and they were really ugly would you?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 20th, 2009

would you still tap that lol? and please lets leave the problem of rebuilding the human race out of this haha

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I think I could manage.

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If I’m not sexually attracted to him, then no. I would get a girlfriend.

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Now it’s time for Fluther – Night Versions (at least in the U.S., Canada and Mexico)!

Nope. Can’t tap, won’t tap.

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Wow, I really don’t know. Just how ugly are we talking here? Between Butt Ugly and Fugly kinda sorta?

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Yes, I’m completely with BlueFreedom on this one. There are some kinds of ugly that I’d think… “Well, here goes…” and there’s others where I’m just not sure I could get there. Short answer: probably yes.

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most likely, plus if it was the last chick on Earth you would be beating other guys off with a stick if you were tapping it… wow that sounds fucked up haha.

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Desperate times require desperate measures right? If worse came to worse and a vicious case of Blue Balls became the end all, be all of my existence, I might have to just break down and nail that shnizzle.

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Like Gary Coleman ugly? Or like.. kind ugly that he might be 1% cute? The former.. pass, the latter.. yeah, I’d “tap that.”

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does she have a great body? if yes, yes.

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Hell yeah. Whatever happened to putting a bag on her head? Or we can both wear bags. I call that a Tennessee Two-bagger.

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no. there’d be plenty of dudes already after her… i would just handle things myself.. eh hem.. i mean take care of business on my own

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Time for me to get a girlfriend!

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@buster u took my answer! if you cant find a bag you could wait till it was really dark out and leave the lights off no chance of seeing the ugly then.

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Not me. I’d have to find a different sort of companionship, like they do in New Zealand

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Spare the sheep hazmat man. :p

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After five years wouldn’t your definition of beauty change? What we think is hot is just a product of our surroundings. Anything could be fantastic if you had nothing to compare it too.

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I’d still hit it and I’d be loling the whole time. Lol.

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Perhaps it depends on how much beer is to be consumed on this planet/post-apocalyptic landscape.

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Is this a trick question? I’m a guy. What do you think?

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@Trustinglife I’m shocked!!! thought i knew you better than that lol ;-)

I’d make do on my own…masturbation can be rather pleasant! and you wouldn’t feel sick to the bottom of your stomach doing it.

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@lynneblundell Interesting response. I’m practicing being honest here. This is a hypothetical question, and my answer is my imagination of how I’d respond.

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For this monstrosity the question becomes “Would you be physically able to?”

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@Vinifera7. With that monstrosity, it wouldn’t just be a NO, it would be a FUCK NO. Pardon my French

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@Vinifera7 Hmmmm…I’m sorry but i just DON’T get how people let themselves get that way! and in response to your question…I really don’t think you’d want to….

@Trustinglife your honesty is lovely – and anything you do is fine by me! x

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Is he really rich and really old?

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@lynneblundell I don’t think people let themselves get like that. I doubt the average person could get up to that weight even if they tried. Not like they’d want to, but you know what I mean.
I’d guess unfortunate genes. :(

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That’s what lesbians and their strap-ons are for.
When the ‘poscalypse comes, and I get desperate.

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I don’t care if you say “fuck”. Most people on Fluther are mature enough to handle it I would surmise.

Perhaps I neglected so say that I wouldn’t want to regardless.

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@Vinifera7. It’s all good then. :o)

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It depends on how ugly. If it was Bea Arthur in a cocktail dress ugly or Bea Arthur with the flu for five days ugly? I doubt it. I would drill a few holes in large fruit and make my own special “Wilson” if ya know what I mean.

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With men, there’s ugly, butt-ugly and hairy butt-ugly. I could handle ugly on the outside of the person, but not ugly on the inside. External good looks are usually a temporary external condition.

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I was going to ask about personality, but then I realized I didn’t care. Yes I’d hit it.

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Remember, beauty is only skin deep…......but ugly goes clear to the bone!

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If there were only one, how would you know that he/she was ugly?

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@pekenoe well you would know because you would have seen all the other females die off…and if you were wondering how they died off, the major cosmetic companies poisened their product line and the poisen seemed into the pores of all woman except for the ugliest because she never wears make up!

As for men they all died off because they heard about a possibility of their only being one female left one day and started killing each other and the ugliest one survived because he was so ugly none of the other guys wanted to go near him and didnt view him as a threat.

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@johnny0313x except….. the question was if only one existed, not if there were only one left.
So, I assumed that when God created earth and humans he/she created a whole bunch of one and only one of the other, then laid back and let the fun begin.

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Or, when humans evolved from the primordial soup (the more likely explanation).

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@pekenoe – true but i ment if they were the only one left really, however either way works i guess my explanation was more so targetted to the only one left though

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Interesting the women saying they’d do other women rather than do the ugly man or go without. What great luxury to have that option. I’m certainly not doing a man and I’m not doing without for the rest of my life so she would have to be every different kind of ugly on the outside and on the inside for me not to cave in at some point in my life.

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What about if the opposite sex became extinct, would you resort to getting with the same sex?

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I can be quite “handy” when I have to.
Get it on with the same sex? To quote a famous person “You’d have to pry it from my cold dead fingers” Huuuhhhh? maybe that was in reference to something else? Anyway, not in my lifetime.

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@johnny0313x In all honesty its very easy to say no but realistically I dont have enough clarity and control over my own mind to know what a lifetime with no physical attention from anyone would do to me nor what I would do to acquire it in those circumstances. Still I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t and, thankfully, its extremely unlikely I’ll ever have to find out.

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Oftentimes, I find that an individual will become more attractive and his/her status will rise if s/he is “taken” or being pursued by others. I would imagine that this hypothetical sole survivor of his/her sex would be very popular. As a result, I think that I would start to see him/her as more attractive. Does that make sense?

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Here’s a tangent question: Would anyone want to be the last individual of their gender?

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Beer and darkness…...A winning combo…..

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With enough beer you might not need darkness.. :p

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@Allie In answer to your side question: God NO!

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@pekenoe—“If there were only one, how would you know that he/she was ugly?”

I would assert that humans possess an innate appreciation for natural beauty. An assortment of corpulent shapes is not a natural body shape.

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@introv: Silly, you have the option you’re just not taking it. :)

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@asmonet Honestly… its really not an option! ;)

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@Vinifera7 Assert? Making assumptions again with no basis other than your personal viewpoint.

I appreciate your opinion, but let’s keep it at that. An opinion.

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