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Do you ever not answer questions you know you could answer well, simply because there are too many other answers?

Asked by poofandmook (17290points) January 21st, 2009

I can’t usually go through all my questions in a timely manner, so I’m always passing up things I know answers to simply because several others have answered and I don’t want to read all of their responses. I wonder if I could’ve added something to the discussion, but the thought of reading all those (sometimes) paragraphs is too much.


Lazy Flutherer

am I alone?

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I’m going to wait until there are more answers before answering this.

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You’re not alone. I don’t consider it a matter of laziness, though. I have other (usually better) things I can do with my time.

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I figure if there are close to twenty replies there probably isn’t much I could say that hasn’t already been said.

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I agree, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it laziness. I just don’t have the time to read some of the very long answers. Especially when there is a lot of back and forth between just a few people.

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I’d prefer that more people don’t answer questions.

I hate it when there are a bunch of answers and then at the very end, someone says something that’s already been said many times.

If you don’t want to read all the answers, don’t chime in.

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I don’t think the question is always completely developed until it has been discussed for a while. Sometimes the discussion evolves and there’s pertinent stuff to say after reading all the comments that I wouldn’t have said otherwise.

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Like right now, I debated whether to comment because alot of good things had already been said and my answer isn’t much different. You’re not alone in not answering questions!

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Yes, I do it all the time. More now since I got fussed at for answering without reading the entire, quite long, preceding thread.

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That must be why I have 3413 questions waiting for me!! I just can’t keep up anymore..arrrgh!!

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@scamp That comes from putting ‘everything’ in the expertise section of your profile.

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Yes. I figure why be redundant

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Yeah, if I can’t read through everything, or at least skim it, I won’t answer. Except, I don’t think of things as answers so much as discussions. When I read (or skim), I do look to see if anyone else said what I wanted to say, and if so, I might skip it.

Note to @scamp: you can always press that button that dumps all the questions at once! I do that periodically. You know you aren’t going to answer 3000 plus questions, even if you had nothing to do but fluther.

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Yes, the funny thing is i usually leave those questions in my “questions for me” for a couple days saying all go answer them, but i never do. Ultimately what it comes down to is i dont want to say anything thats been said before and i am WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to damn lazy to read all those responses.

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Yes but I try never to read any of the answers above me until I put in my two cents. A lot of the time it is repetitive but every now and then I have touched on something different then the other posts and the fluther folks are nice enough to show me luvre.

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totally…and for all the reasons stated above :-)

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@GAMBIT why dont you read the responses first? that way all your opinions will have “touched on something different then the other posts ”

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No, but sometimes I won’t answer a question that I know because it would require too much wording and, thus, would take too long to enter on my iPhone. If I’m on my computer then I will usually answer.
Or, more likely, make some smartass response.

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I do answer questions where I think I can be helpful, even if there have already been a large number of responses. Sometimes, it is just to add something (i.e. clarification), but other times it is because I think the other responses have missed the boat.

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Yes, I’ve passed up questions with too many responses. Usually it’s because I’m lazy and don’t want to read through the other answers to see if mine is a duplicate.
I really hope this answer isn’t a duplicate… it probably is.

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Astrochuck: I’ve never known you to make a smartass remark. You’ve only been most proper and dignified.

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@uberbatman – I don’t want to be influenced by someone else. I like to do things on my own merits.

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I’ve done this on several occasions and my sentiments match many of those already listed in the answers above.

I guess this could qualify as a duplicate answer too in which case I need to be punished.

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@cdwccrn- Now who’s being a smartass?

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Yes, I skip a lot of questions for that very reason – I almost skipped this one! I just feel, especially if it’s the same opinion that I was going to express, why bother?

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@GAMBIT so then write your opinion first, then go read and see if its been said before, if it hasnt, submit it, if it has, revise it.

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as far as this question is concerned, there aren’t really any duplicates. I asked what individuals do and why individuals do it.

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^My reasons change depending on the question, but they’ve listed them all already. :)

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@uberbatman – that is how you would do it but I’m GAMBIT. I do it my way.

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As a matter of fact, why did I answer this question?
Haha, kidding.
Yes I do that. I will answer anyway incase I am really interested in the topic.

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@Grisson , but I don’t have everything in my profile.

@daloon Thanks for the tip!! I didn’t know that.

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Yes. Mainly because…

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I’m never sure if I can really answer questions well because it really depends on what other people view as answering a question “well.” Well as in “well recieved?” If so, then those are probably the ones I’d like to answer first for the fact that I might not be well-recieved at all. :P

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Oh my goodness, YES!! I do this all the time!! Like someone said above, I considered not even answering this question for that exact reason, but since it was regarding the specific habit, I didn’t think it counted….

And if someone seems to be taking a poll or trying to observe the opinion of the majority of the collective, as it seems with this question, I’ll answer to as to contribute to the results of whatever they’re asking.

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Even if a question has been answered 100 times, I will answer if I think I can help. I do read all resoonses first, though.

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i nearly didn’t answer this because i saw so many responses. kidding, but i do that sometimes. especially if it’s a topic that has spurred a full blown debate. i feel like i’m walking in in the middle of something, and don’t feel like reading through 50 long, angry responses, and well, interrupting. :p

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Yes, I usually pass on questions that have been well covered. The questioner is looking for an answer and not specifically waiting and hoping to find out if I personally can answer it.

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Yes. When there are more answers, it’s less likely that someone will read yours.

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@toomuchcoffee911: I read yours. Hmpf!

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@asmonet no need to be defencive…


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She does that

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@90s_kid dude stfu you bitch and bitch about how everyone hates you, yet you go around starting shit. eghhh.

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[mod says:] Hey guys, watch the personal attacks. Thanks.

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@90s_kid: Both toomuch and I were making lighthearted conversation. As I asked you earlier, ignore me and I’ll ignore you. Peaceful coexistence is possible but requires your effort as well as mine. This did not concern you in any way. If you don’t like something I say I suggest you learn to turn the other cheek, act maturely and have some concept of personal responsibility.

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Simply put, yes.

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I just asked a similar question, because I didn’t see this one. Yes, I am inclined to answer every question I am interested in regardless of the other answers there. I just wonder if the answers get lost in the crowd. How many people really read all these answers, anyway?

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I read almost every quip in all the discussions I’m in. :)

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Answer 48

You have so many responses, I won’t answer this one.

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This is the 49th, I never answer if the thread is past 50. It takes too long to read, and I’m sure I’ll have nothing new to contribute anyway. Unless it’s a poem or story-type thread.

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I used to skip the older questions with a lot of answers, but now I find that I run out of new questions and I have no choice but to answer the older ones.

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I feel that way about this one (yes)

Response moderated
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I do that quite often, especially if a similar answer has already been given.

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Sometimes I don’t answer because I think people do not wish to really read the facts. I do not want to hurt or offend people with what I believe is the cold hard truth; because some people can not handle it. They get angry and throw fits when I state it.

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This is an excellent question… Yes, I do that. For me the reason I do it, is because when there is alot of answers already, I tend to think that the person who asked the question has already stopped reading the answers.. Excellent Question….

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Um… too many good answers, I’ll have nothing good to add. hmm how about this

I’ll just jump in without reading all the good answers….

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Often. If people have already said what I would have said and as informatively or more so than I would have I just drop a few GAs mark the Q to follow and leave.

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I do not answer some questions because; some people can not handle the facts no matter how much documentation you provide them. They enjoy arguing and I simply have more worthwhile things to do. Some people are too narrow mined to waste my energy on.
They would start a war over my preferring chocolate ice cream over strawberry. They seem to enjoy endless pointless arguments.
I would debate with people that listen not; people that attack others on personnel level. They are not worth my time. They must be miserable people.

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@philosopher at the risk of being an attacker, “that attack others on personnel personal level.

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If the Question has good replies and it is general knowledge then I pass on it but if the question is asking for a personal reply or something that interests me like “What movies do you like?” then, even though there may be 160 answers, i want to be able to share or add my “two cents”, too, as well, also

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