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Who paints crazy LSD inspired cats?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) January 24th, 2009

Who is the painter who paints cats with surreal eyes. I know that as he got older and too more acid his cat paintings were more strange.

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he didn’t use LSD, though. they didn’t have it back in those days. also, a revisionist view says that while he did back put in an asylum, the abstract ones came about after he copied wallpaper patterns and tried to impose cat patterns on them, as an artistic experiment.

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I like this question! Thanks uber.. I found a new avie!!

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I like the third one of the series. It doesn’t even look like a cat to me.

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I found a decent article about the painter here.

*Humphry Osmond, while directing at a mental hospital in Saskatchewan, with Abram Hoffer, a biochemist and psychiatrist, were a couple of the first guys to study the idea that LSD’s effects on consciousness were similar to that of the breakdown of consciousness as a result of schizophrenia.

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There’s also R Crumb, though cats weren’t his focus necessarily.

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@fireside I love R Crumb! Keep on truckin’.

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