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Wire taping and spying question?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) January 24th, 2009

So with all the buzz of wire taping lately regarding the NSA I have started to look into how to wire tap and how to discover it. I have found that Skype is by far the most secure form of communication, atleast skype to skype. But what I am curious about is skype to mobile phones being intercepted, since I make many calls like this to a foreign country that probably drives the NSA mad. Though my main concern is not the American goverment as much as it is hers. Either way, First I would like to know how easy it is for Mobile to Mobile to be wiretapped, and second what do you think about Skype to Mobile? It is my understanding that Mobile to Mobile is pretty difficult to intercept, however tracking its location is simple. What does the collective have to say about this?

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Cell phones are not secure, anyone can just tune to your frequency and record. There are devises you can buy at most spy shops that can tell you if your line is taped, but they cannot detect a listener on a cell phone.

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I wouldn’t put any real confidence into mobile anything, or internet based anything. Lucky for me, I have no need of passing national secrets to anyone.

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lol yeah im not passing national secrets to anyone, just don’t want to draw attention to anyone is all, phone calls from american can raise suspicion.

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