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Would I look good in a Fluther T-shirt?

Asked by mij (691points) January 24th, 2009

My wife thinks i dress kinda weird? C’mon I’m an old hippie…
I buy clothes from the Op shops…
I shy away from labels…
Is Fluther a label, or just a bunch of mixed up letters meaning a group of squigglies…
She does admit to finding me kinda handsome in a behind my back sort of way…
I just knows she loves me…

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No boobs? No good. Just kidding, everyone looks good in Fluther gear, do it.

KingMalefic did not say that first.

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Everyone looks good in Flutherware.

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@asmonet : That was my comment theif!

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Being clairvoyant, I would say you’d look magnificent.

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@KingMalefic: Liar, I am not a thief!

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@asmonet : I ate your pupsicle!

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Let me see. Wow!
Set phasers on stunning!

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Of course, you would look so cute.

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Absolutely adorable.

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Maybe it would be useful to see how other people look in their Fluther shirts:

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You’d look terrible in it. c’mon someone had to say it.. this ain’t no power of positive thinking seminar How would I know.. doesn’t really matter what anyone but your wife thinks does it?

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