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Have you ever been arrested?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) January 25th, 2009

..if yes, stating why is completely up to you.

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No. Not even a speeding ticket. though i did get a ticket for underaged drinking once.. meh.. nobody’s perfect

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Citizens’ Arrest – Supposedly passing 3 buses. They apparently thought I was mentally deficient.

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Yes.. I was caught shoplifting fish tank supplies when I was 14.

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Nope, not even speeding tickets or anything.

I’ve ridden in the back of a police car though…but the cop was driving me home after I walked to school in a blizzard only to realize it was a snow day.

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No. Wow, nothing! Absolutely no run-ins with Johnny Law, ever.

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Yes. I was innocent…I swear I was!! :)

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Nope. The only time I ever even got stopped for speeding I got off with a warning :)

I did get a ticket for an expired tag once though.

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@forestGeek So, were you tried? Convicted?

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ive been handcuffed twice. one of those i was while i was in college, shitfaced, taking a leak off the third story of an apartment building and just happened to splash on a cop that was walking up to end our party. the other time didnt involve the police.

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Tried by jury, found not guilty. It took a year of my life, more money than I had at the time and too much time away from my job and school, just to to prove what I already knew.

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Wow, so many innocent folks on fluther. Haha well thats a good thing anyways.

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Yes, three or four times, I honestly can’t remember which.
Ah, troubled youth. ;)
Yay for sealed juvenile records!

I spent a few days in JDC a couple times, I did a six week run there, and a six week run at a court ordered shelter. It was kind of boring.

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@forestGeek That must have been stressful! Glad you won in the end.

@asmonet I’m shocked! Naughty, naughty girl ;)

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@onesecondregrets – the question that should have been asked… “How many times have you done things you should have been arrested for, but weren’t?” :)

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@augustlan: Everyone always is. :)
<—- Looks innocent.

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@forestGeek hot damn you’re right, the answers would be much juicer I’m sure.
@asmonet haha, ditto on the sealed record thing. I got an ACD which basically means if I was good for 6 months after my arrest, my record would be sealed. No jailtime, no community service..just being a good lil’ girl..and surprisingly I was.

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@onesecondregrets: Haha, yeah. I was put on probation at least twice, I know it was for two years each time, but even my PO was like, you don’t need this, shoo. And I didn’t have to take the weekly class/meeting thing with the rest of the troubled teens. And I was never on probation for more than I think four months, always got dropped off for good behavior. Because I never should have been arrested in the first place! :)

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At last count, I believe I’ve received 7 speeding tickets and when I was 17, I received a citation for Minor Consumption of Alcohol. Since it was a first (and only) offense for me, the judge let me go with a warning at the court appearance.

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Twice, Once for jumping ship in Tasmania. I had never been a seaman on a ship! I just fitted the profile.
Once for drink driving when I unwittingly drank spiked punch or some such, didn’t think my driving was too bad, got fined but conviction got squashed later due to faulty testing. I am ever so careful now…

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@asmonet Haha you definitely lucked out with that one.
@Bluefreedom…slow down, speed demon! Haha.
@mij…jumping ship, haha that’s one I’ve never heard before and it’s always when you think you’re driving fine (drunkenly) that the cops think you aren’t, ain’t it a bitch.

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I’m sick of answering this question (apprx 10 law school applications later). Do I really have to admit anything?

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Never been arrested myself, but I have slammed a few cuffs to say it like that…

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Just a few speeding tickets on my record.

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@peedub k fine, you’re excluded from having to answer. Total bummer on the law school applications though.
@Staalesen I lol’d.
@LKidKyle1985 you rebel without a cause, you.

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No problem. It’s ok to say ‘hell yes’ here, but those are trickier. So, yes, but not on the record.

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I’ve never been arrested. I’ve only had one speeding ticket in my life, & that was about 25 years ago. Speeding is what I’d be most in trouble for. I just haven’t been caught since then.

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I was busted in a stolen car when I was 14. A store once held me for shoplifting when I was around the same age. I also got caught trying to sneak into Knott’s Berry Farm. I have only been in a holding a cell, and I have never charged with anything, or fingerprinted. But, I can think of a few things that I have done that are arrestable offenses. I guess I’ve just been lucky.

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Yes. I’m a good citizen now though.

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Yes. I was a bad kid. I’m much better now.

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I got busted for smoking weed once. Bummer.

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no and hopefully never.

i would love to be handcuffed, though ;)

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My only juvenile arrest was for macing a bully and kicking the shit out of him when I was 14. I was arrested three times between the ages of 18–20. Ive been handcuffed and detained momentarily about 20 times. Most of the time I was detained was for skateboarding somewhere that was illegal or they just wanted to see if I had warrants after a traffic stop. I got a few trespassing tickets out of it too. I stayed the night in the drunk tank for one arrest. The other two times I was processed and then made bail immediately. I havent been in jail in 7 years knock on wood.

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Spent a week in the San Francisco City Prison, then charges were dropped.
on 2-week leave from Navy

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Yes. I was 19, spent two days in jail and 5 years probation. I’d rather forget it.

I’m a good girl now. Kids will do that to ya.

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