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Have you ever had one or two REALLY good dreams and been completely bothered for hours because they weren't real?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) January 25th, 2009

I had down right amazing dreams about Hugh Laurie all night long… sigh… I know that “living in a dream” isn’t supposed to be a good thing, but they were some really awesome dreams! Have you had any stand-out dreams that you couldn’t shake in the morning?

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I had this one dream where I was a Berenstain Bear

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Certainly, great fun. Since I have de-stressed my life, I find that I have more and more dreams that are difficult to distinguish from my real life. Flying was the hardest one to lose for me. Sigh…......

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I’ve dreamed of my sons when they were young and woken up with such a sense of loss. Not that I’m not delighted with how they’ve grown up, but to have the sense of their little boy selves be so real and then to not be able to hold them, was both magical and sad at the same time.

I also have recurring dreams of moving into incredible houses and for a number of years had very real dreams of moving back to the farm where I grew up and rebuilding my old house.

And then there’s the one with George Clooney, the hamster and the Hot Club of France… :-)

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That is the worst, seriously. And they always feel ten times more real while you’re dreaming them than “ordinary” dreams.

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