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Does that stimulus we got last year come out of our tax return?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 27th, 2009

I heard that 600 dollar stimulus that was given out (i only got 300) comes out of this years tax return…is that true?

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No. Not true.

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I second Snoopy. That is false.

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Usually those checks have to be claimed as income. So, no, the $300 is not taken out of your tax return, but, yes, the $300 counts (probably) as taxable income in addition to your other income.

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Here’s an explanation about how the stimulus check affects your tax filing for 2008.

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@kevbo It is not considered income.

Think of it as a tax credit, received way before tax time.

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We just got a notice from the IRS stating that we had to pay taxes on it.

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Come on. We’ll all pass off that debt to our children.

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I didn’t have children so YOUR kids will pay for mine as well.

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