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Why Am I Not Getting 40% Off With My iRewards Card?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) January 28th, 2009

I have an iRewards card that I use for my local Chapters. I am supposed to get 10% all books in store, and 40% off all bestsellers. I have recently bought the first three twilight books. When I bought Twilight it says “new york times bestseller” and I only got 10% off (its a bestseller shouldnt I be getting 40% off?) then I bought the 2nd book New Moon and its also a new york times best seller and I still only got 10% off. Then I went and got the 3rd book Eclipse and its a #1 new york times best seller, a #1 USA best seller, and a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller. Still only got 10% off! My mum was outside waiting in the car and shes very impatient. I didnt have time to ask why I wasnt getting the right discount. I lost my card somehow so everytime I have been getting them to just type my name into the computer and use it that way. As I said my mum is impatient and I didnt have time to issue a new card. Why am I not getting 40% off these books??!!

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Why don’t you give them a call and ask them?

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The difference is that the “bestsellers” that you get 40% off of are based on the store’s/chain’s bestseller list.

The Twilight books, although New York Times best sellers, are not considered best sellers by Chapters. The books that get the 40% off usually have a sticker on them staying so.

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Here is the concrete answer. It was found by Googling “chapters irewards” and reading the first hit, which is the description of the iRewards program hosted on Chapters’ website.

From the page: [The 40% off] Discount applies to select English Bestsellers (30% off select French Bestsellers) as determined by Indigo Books & Music Inc.

So the basic answer is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a NY Times or whatever magazine/newspaper bestseller. It only matters if Indigo/Chapters considers it to be a bestseller.

If you have questions like this, the first place to look is generally the terms or contract that you agreed to when getting the card. They will always clarify what they mean.

Regardless, the Chapters card is one of the best discount cards you can get and use. It is #2 on my list, only beaten by my President’s Choice Mastercard which gives me free groceries for everything I put on it. Best of all, I can combine the Chapters and Mastercard to get the rewards from both stores!

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