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Ulcer on your tongue,do you bite it off?

Asked by oasis (970points) January 28th, 2009

If you have an ulcer on your tongue,would you bite that painfull sucker right off or treat it with some medication?

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I get my teeth either side and BITE that sucker off

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lol I had to laugh at that. But only because I have had one and it was a biiiitch. But biting it off isn’t gonna make it feel any better and probably just make a bigger ulcer in its place. :(

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You probably have a canker sore. Canker sores are viral, so biting it off won’t do much. Your better off just giving it the 2 weeks to heal.

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I test it a couple of times for the pain and then count to ten.. ........bang she’s off!The eyes water like billyo!

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Take vitamin B and use a mouth gel for the sore.

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Canker sores? WTF is a canker sore?! I had to look that up! Biting it off? Ouch! I’m gettin’ sympathetic pains ovah heah!

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Bite it off?????????? You’re….......... well, yeah.

Holy crap, the ulcers hurt bad enough without removing part of my tongue.

Glass or two of tomato juice clears mine up in a day, may not work for everyone.

Before I figgered out tomato juice, a shot of whiskey rinsed around in my mouth killed the pain for a while.

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Do you mean the inflamed little taste buds? Or a sore? you can’t bite a sore off without losing a chunk of tongue.

And I thought canker sores weren’t viral.. I don’t get them so I dunno.

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@asmonet you lucky bugga, yep, not contagious, have no one to blame but myself.

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Ha! I was right! Canker sores are not viral. Unless you have HIV/AIDS.

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Oh god, those inflamed little taste buds are so annoying! I drink way too much orange juice.

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I was wondering about the inflamed taste buds too. I have one right now.
Don’t they just go away without mutilating your tongue, or am I thinking of something different?

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My mother is a liar! She’s a dental hygenist and she always told me that canker sores were viral. Maybe she said you get them when your immune system is weak, like when you have a virus?

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put some salt on it.

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Take 2–3 Lysine pills and then wait for it to heal.

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I’m curious now about “inflamed taste buds”

An inflamed taste bud would be a bump, red, and mostly on the back half of the tongue?

A tongue ulcer (canker sore) is a depression (hole) with a white ring around it, a grain of salt in one will assure you that you are alive.

Canker sores mostly are used to describe sores on your lips and cheeks, but also cover tongue ulcers.

The activity generated here will answer my question and yours. I hope.

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A few months ago I bit my tongue and for some reason it would not heal. It bled for 5 hours straight. My mom and I tried a lot of stuff to get it to stop. I swished with peroxyl for about 30 seconds and my tongue stopped bleeding almost immediately. I don’t know how fast it would work with other tongue/mouth injuries but it’s worth a try.

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@pekenoe: Taste buds cover your entire tongue, when mine do swell up it’s usually on the frontish sides.

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@asmonet OK, they do swell though rather than create a hole? Learn something new every day. Had never heard of that. Sounds as painful as the dang ulcers though.

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Nah, it just double in size, honestly they’re tiny to begin with. I’d consider them more annoying than unbearable or anything.

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@asmonet I’m gonna see if I can trade my ulcers for irritated taste buds, I lived on Ibuprofen for many years and that really fired up the tongue ulcers, Many times I had to deaden them with whiskey before I could stand to eat, glad that’s behind me.

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Jesus, with a habit like that how is your liver not broken?
Ibuprofen + Whiskey = Bad. :P

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I have the cure for those suckers!! Before you go to bed : BRUSH THE ULCER WITH YOUR TOOTHBRUSH HARD. And I mean HARD. Brush it for like two minutes Warning: Its gonna hurt.
By the morning you wont have anything. And if theres a trace of it, brush it hard again. It will be gone before you know it.

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@asmonet Rinsed my mouth and spat it out, I’m a beer kinda guy, but even that’s not good. Never took them on an empty stomach, probably that’s my bailout. Still works today, just don’t need as much ibu.

@May2689 I like tomato juice better than that option, ouch!!!

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just a little heads up… dont wanna freak anyone out but i had an what i thought was an ulcer on my tongue an it turned out to be a cancerous tumor. not really sure about biting ulcers off though! sounds painful…

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I’m sorry, but I don’t know what a tongue ulcer is, even though I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this thread. As far as biting anything off my tongue, I can’t even imagine it. I get whacked out tastebuds occassionally, and those badboys are annoying! I sit and rub it against a tooth until my eyes water just because I’m sick like that (you know you are, too). When I get a canker sore (I’m pretty sure I don’t have a virus) I pour salt on that little fuck and wait for it to dry up. It’s amazing, right? It’s like being a little kid and twisting that loose tooth and digging it into your gum until you can’t stand it. You know you’re just as sick, right? Right?

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@gimmedat Totally there with you.

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Yeah, I was messing with my taste bud all day.
Better now though, it’s almost like it never happened.

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I get them frequently, and yes I bite them off. Even take my fingernails and pinch them off. Have occasionally gone so far as to pull them off with tweezers. it’s not smart, but it’s like picking a scab. You just cant help yourself. :) I have a huge one at the end of my tongue right now and it’s killing me.

do NOT put salt on it, it doesn’t help and it hurts more than anything. don’t eat salty or spicy foods, and above all else, DONT MESS WITH IT!!! if you want it gone faster, leave it alone.

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You get tongue ulcers because when you have lot of calories in your body, specially when you eat loads of sweets and fatty foods.
When I get tongue ulcers I will have B-Complex tablets for three days once in a day and its gone.
As B-Complex tablets it releases your energy.

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Don’t bite it off, it will only hurt more and replace that canker sore for a bigger one. I usually rinse my mouth with saltwater then get ½ teaspoon and mix it with water until it gets to be a thick paste , then put it on my canker sore. it WILL take a couple days to heal though…if you can take that much pain…

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