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What does it mean when your fortune cookie has no fortune in it?

Asked by DarkeSword (59points) January 28th, 2009

A friend of mine came into my office with an empty fortune cookie. Sounds to me like a philosophical quandary. What say you, O people of Fluther?

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It means you make your own fortune.

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Throw it away!!!!!!!!!!!
But then again I don’t like when people other than the place that gives them to me touches my cookie. LMAO.

runs and hides

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It means you have evolved and you know longer need a piece of paper from a sugar cookie to make you smile and ponder.

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It means you have no soul…

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It means the quality control guy at the cookie factory is about to get fired

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go get another fortune cookie…

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@jonsblond, omfg. I’m tearing from laughing so hard.

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It means you’re about to die.~
I made fun of my friend once cause she didn’t get a fortune in her cookie. Then I went to a restaurant with my mom and I didn’t get a fortune. Karma. Booo.

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You have no future to fortell.

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it means tonight you die.

you are forewarned!

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@eponymoushipster for some reason that is much funnier when said by someone with a monkey as an avatar. to bad your monkey doesn’t have a gun!

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In a scary voice: Sevennnn Dayyyyssss.

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You’re gonna die.
Tough luck.
Hard cheese.

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@LKidKyle1985 you can’t see under the robes…

@chelseababyy thinnnnnerrrrrr

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Aw, look @KatawaGrey, being all optimistic. Cute.

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I know what you did last summer muahahahahahha.

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How un*fortune*ate!

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Ha! Punny.

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It means you’re very lucky. Fortunes in fortune cookies have been going downhill at an increasing pace. Recently, I was told, no word of a lie, “You like Chinese food.” Well duh.

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Well, normally everyone is subject to the tyranny of bad luck or the fortune of good luck. Somehow, your friend has managed to break free of that vicious cycle. Congratulations!

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I got one a few years ago…my wife said it meant I was going to die. I’m still here. It means some corporation that makes fortune cookies fucked up. Enjoy.

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Ever see the Simpsons episode where Homer is on a business trip with a co-worker who has the hots for him? They’re having dinner at a Chinese restaurant and he doesn’t know if he should act on this or be faithful to Marge. He opens his fortune cookie and it says, “You will find happiness with a new love.” Now Homer’s heart is telling him just the opposite, but food has never let him down before, so he doesn’t know what to do. Then they show a shot of the kitchen, one of the servers says to the manager, “we’re all out of new love fortune cookies.” To which the manager replies, “open up the stick with your wife barrel”.

That ought to tell you all you need to know about what fortunes in fortune cookies mean.

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@dalepetrie “you will find love on flag day. hrm, smithers, what day is it?” “why it’s flag day sir!”

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@dalepetrie: I like your wife.

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don’t believe any of them!
It means…” on your death bed you will reach total Nirvana” now you got that going for you… ;)
Gunga gunga KaLunga

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Bad luck… burn the cookie!

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Actually, it means that it’s a used fortune cookie, probably bought at the used fortune market. The thing is, some people just can’t be satisfied with one fortune. So they have to suck out other people fortune’s. Then you get the cookie, and are out of fortune.

Anyway, you wouldn’t have liked it. Used fortunes ring kind of hollow.

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@asmonet: I was the first one to answer so I had to be optimistic!

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It means you have learned all that you can learn in this life and you are now ready to ascend into the company of gods!

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@Jamspoon: Ooooo: Best answer yet!

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@KatawaGrey why thank you for thrusting me into the three hundreds! :D

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@Jamspoon: Insert inappropriate sexual comment here.

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If the fortune is not in the cookie…does it mean that it really never existed?

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well people say that the machine didnt put a fortune in the cookie but for the las 4 or 5 months i went to out to eat with my boy friend and two other people to 3 differnt places and all 3 places they brought us 4 cookies to us each time and all three places we went to every time iv got a cookie there would be no paper or fortune in the cookie the first time it happend i said o well they for got to put one in it then it happend the 2nd time im like ok then it happend the 3rd time im like there anit no way i could get 3 cookies at 3 diffent places with no paper or fortune in them im like what could this mean.

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What do your expect, what
with the economy and all! < >

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