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Have you ever played The Ouija game?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) January 28th, 2009 from iPhone

Any stories? Bad? Good? I played once but I got scared and never did it again…

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I’ve never played this, but I kind of want to so that I can debunk it.

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So you believe in a literal Satan?

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i played it and it worked! :D i would love to do it again.

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I did. The planchette moved. I just didn’t see then and don’t now how one could ever know if the other person was pushing or not. Unless you were both hooked up to machines that showed muscular effort.

If it is not the other person moving it, then I firmly believe that messing around with unknown forces or opening oneself up to potenial influences is not healthy.

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I played with a group of people. I was the one pushing it. Everyone else freaked out.

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@Vinifera…What is your ultimate goal after you are done sucking all the joy and mystery from everything?

to answer the question, yes I have used a ouija board. my soul has belonged to the dark lord ever since. just kinda been tryin’ to take it one day at a time.

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once or twice, just for fun.

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Yeah, my mum has a cool story. Basically her and her sister were playing with it in her house, and her father had died the year before. Only my mum and her sister (yeah I know it defies the three person requirement, but so it was). They asked the board some simple questions, then one about their dad, and the pointer literally was SHOT out of their hands and crashed into the china cabinet. They both swear up and down that they did not do that, and my mum described the force as so very intense, like a gunshot.

I love my mum’s stories. I tend to hold back my cynical science loving side to simply enjoy them for what they are. I’ve also played with the board, and I also know that it’s totally fake. But it’s still a hoot, double that once you’ve had a cup of wine or two. Much better than Twister.

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I’ve only ever seen a ouija board on a Monty Python sketch, and I didn’t know what they were doing until I read about it.

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I never played with a ouija board, my dad would never let us have one. We were not very religious or anything, but I guess he had some crazy experiences when he was younger at his aunts house that involved floating tables and swore never to mess around with that kind of stuff again.

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Is there a problem?

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My mom never let one into the house either. When she was a kid, she and her cousins used to play with them like they were a board game. Later, she used to go to seances and stuff in her teens, but I guess a couple of the later sessions really freaked her out. Ever since, she refuses to have one under her roof. It’s always made me curious, but I’ve never gotten around to trying one.

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I used to play this all the time as a kid and into my teens, and have a bunch of antique boards in my house now.

In many cases, it was clear that someone was pushing it, and in others, it was freakishly on. My parent’s house is haunted and we got a lot of interesting results when we played there, like the piece flying around.

When I was in middle school a group of girls got together to play and we “summoned a spirit.” The spirit guided us to a stack of old newspapers in the corner of the room that hadn’t been touched in years and was under a stack of books. It told us to choose the 5th one down, and we pulled it out. On the cover was a story about a woman who had been killed in a fire and all the details matched the ones given to us by the “spirit.” This was definitely not a plant and the girl who’s house it was was so spooked we could never play with it there again.

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Yes on dark stormy nights in Scotland with my Irish mother, fun but can be scary.
Yes the glass moves with no obvious assistance…
But then my Irish side all believe in little people and why shouldn’t, begorrah…

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i used it once with a few of my friends. honestly i never completely believed in it until i tried it. it started talking about my friend’s like great-great grandfather’s aunt or something that none of us would know about except for her, and she wasn’t touching it at all.
then there was a really funny one – this guy jacob duke was talking to us apparently, and he was like joking around with us – like he died when he was young, and he was in some obscure band i think, and he said something about our friend being cute haha, it was so silly.
i believe in it. i don’t like debate it, but i do believe in it.

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@Vinifera…No problem my friend. I just noticed that questions about the esoteric bring out the word “debunk” in your answers.

Why such a hardline attitude? No trying to provoke, just understand.

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