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What do your kid's friends address you by?

Asked by elijah (8654points) January 29th, 2009 from iPhone

Mr/Mrs/Miss and your first name or last name?
Just your first name?
Do their closest friends call you mom or dad as a loving nickname?
What do you encourage your children to call other adults?
I have them call me by my first name, as I am one of the younger moms in the neighborhood. Some of them do call me mom, and talk to me more about their lives than they do their own parents. My kids are taught to call elders mr/mrs/miss first or last name depending on what they prefer.

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I don’t have kids of my own, but growing up both of my parents went by their first names. They were kind of rare in that. My mom liked it because otherwise my friends would call her Mrs. (my last name) which was not her last name as my parents were divorced. I call some of my friends parents mom, but never do that to the dads. I have one friend who I get along well with one of her aunts, and I call her Aunt Patty, just like my friend does. I often say “hi mom!” when being introduced to someone’s mom, especially if my friend says, “this is my mom” and doesn’t tell me the name.

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I have kids?!?

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You know, thinking about it, I actually can’t remember them ever using any form of personal address toward me. They just start talking at me. I think that all of our social templates have become so muddled that nobody really knows this stuff anymore. They don’t know the protocols, so they just skip that part.

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My children address other adults as Mr./Mrs./Miss Lastname, and that is how their friends address me. That is still how I address the adults I knew when I was a child.

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Friends of my grown kids call me Chuck. My nine year old’s friends call me Mr. Clarke.

W(hich is weird as my name is Alexander Goldman.)

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my close friends call my mother ‘mom’ haha. i don’t know what my other friends call her, it’s not coming to me.

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Mostly I called my friend’s mom’s “mom” if we were really close or Mr or Mrs. Lastname unless they corrected me and told me to call them by their first name. It depends on how old I was. Younger I would call them Mr. or Mrs. Lastname, as I got older I probably called them by their first name. My best friends parents I still call mom or dad to.

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When I was a kid, it was Ms or Mr FirstName.

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I have to ask a similar question. Parents, what would you prefer your kids friends call you? As well, is there an age limit that you’d start preferring to be addressed by a different name, such as when your kids are no longer teenagers, etc?

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as a side note a friend of mine grew up calling her dad Dave even though he was her biological dad. and they were very close, it had nothing to do with them having a distant relationship.

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I wish it was Mr. Stolte, and some do—but I don’t want to seem like a hardass and insist on it.

When I was a kid, we had a neighbor boy who referred to my parents by their first and last name and I was gravely offended. I wanted to sock him in the mouth.

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It depends on the closeness of the friend, and what everyone else is comfortable with. My best friend’s daughter refers to me as ‘Aunt August’, some call me ‘miss August’ (at their parent’s request), some call me ‘August’ (at my request). I’m fine with any of it (not terribly fond of ‘miss August’ though). Most of them don’t personally address me at all. Like Harp’s experiences, they just talk to me.

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My daughter’s school friends cal me “Mr. Previte”.

Her close friends (which includes cousins) call me “Bah”. Which is chinese for father and is what my daughter calls me.

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Close friends call me mom and the others call me Donna or Mrs.L’Heureux. Depends on how well they know me. My children are both adults.

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My friends kids call me Auntie EM. I call my friends parents MAMA then their last name.

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@emilyrose My best friend growing up referred to both his parents by their first names. As with your friend, they were/are perfectly close. I always found it a bit odd.

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@emilyrose seems we both have the same name!
have you ever gotten OMG i can’t look at you after that MOVIE?

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Most of my son’s friends call me Mrs. LastName. My son makes up names for his friends parents. Usually he calls them Mr or Mrs. Friend’s first name. Mr Neco or Mrs Neco. One woman he calls Jill though her name is Liz. She calls him Jim – which is not his name either.

In Maryland the kids always said Mr or Miss plus their first name. I liked that method a lot.

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Most of them call me by my first name. I have heard a kid calling me outside the house by yelling, ” Caleb’s grandma!”

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@Emdean1—-yes! I did have a potential suitor bring it up. I never saw the movie though…the trailer was bad enough!

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Most call me by my first name but my oldest son has a friend who insists on calling me “Mrs Brady’s mom”. Brady is my son.

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they say Hey Dude…. If i had kids… i would have them call me dude… that would be awesome.

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My son’s friends used my first name or occasionally mom. One of his friends called me Mommy, which was cute and endearing.

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Interesting question. Both of my children are over 21 now. Some of their friends have called me “Mrs.—” since they were all in middle school together, and more recent arrivals have followed suit. But a few have gone straight for my first name. I don’t approve of that instant familiarity, but I didn’t correct them. I just wondered about the difference. Then one day it dawned on me: the only ones who called me by my first name were young working women, following the workplace model where everyone regardless of age is on a first-name basis. The rest were all still in school or recent graduates, and in a school model the figured of authority are addressed more formally.

When my children marry, I will invite their mates to address my husband and me as parents and not by our first names.

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My son is nearly 23 and I’ve never expected his friends to call me Mrs.—-. To the best of my knowledge, my son called his friends’ parents by their first names, too.
We encourage a sense of family in our house and have embraced our son’s friends, which fostered terms of endearment from them to us and us to them.
When my son marries, I will allow his spouse to decide how she would like to address me and my husband. I call my in-laws Mom and Dad, but my husband uses my mother’s first name.
I’ve heard of people calling their in-laws Mil and Fil (mother-in-law and father-in-law), I think is a cute term of endearment and a way to differentiate between one’s own parents and their in-laws without using first names.

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First name usually, which was customary when I was a kid, too, except for teachers or clergy. I am “Auntie Dawn” to my neice and nephew, but also to kids of a few friends. Was not my suggestion, but I like it as I am very fond of them.
I had a friend’s grandmother I met when I was 25 who asked me to call her Grandma, as she did with all her grandkids’ friends.

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I’m mostly Alfreda, and often Mrs Prufrock to the under middle school crowd. It became a right of passage that when they started middle school, they could call me Alfreda. Mine, I raised to use Mr. or Mrs. unless they were asked specifically to use first names.

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I’m in my late teens, and refer to adults (7–8 yrs older than me and above) by Mr./Mrs./Miss First name/Last name always unless they’ve requested otherwise. No matter how much older my teachers are than me, they will never be anything other than Mr./Mrs./Miss First name/Last name. My SO refers to my family as Aunt____, Uncle _____, Nana, Mother Teresa (my mom’s name is Teresa), etc. We’ve been dating for a year plus a few months… I like it. He likes it. My family likes it. :)

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since none of my kids made it past the Kleenex, this question probably doesn’t apply to me.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, I don’t understand what you mean by “made it past the Kleenex.”

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@Jeruba at the risk of being offensive, let’s just say I never had kids, and any baby batter I produced never impregnated anyone. “Not making past the Kleenex” is a euphemism for the end result of masturbation.

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Oh, okay, sorry. I was picturing blowing little noses.

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@Jeruba—I’m glad you asked. I didn’t get it either.

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I didn’t either… I get it now, though.

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that’s why I am here, to create clear mental images for people, and then to take the blame when they decide to poke out their mind’s eye with a sharp stick.

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‘Mom’ or…funny…“Chris’ Mom.” “Hey Chris’ Mom! Whatcha cookin’?!”

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