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Is love only possible between two people?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) January 29th, 2009

The idea of love is basically an intense relationship where you would be willing to do anything for your significant other. Mostly, we define love as something that happens between two people. Why can’t love be between 3 or more people? Can polygamists not be capable of love? I mean, polygamy is much more common throughout the world than monogamy. Is love a creation of western society? If you lost your true love, can you find another one?

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Monogamy and even romantic love are relatively new concepts in the history of man. That said, my personal truth is that I do not think I could feel the same level or type of love for two people or more at one time.

I think the same is true for true loves. You could love two people equally deeply, but probably not in the same way.

I also believe love is not limited just to humans.

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If the human heart was only capable of loving one person, we as a species would have died out long ago because either people would choose not to have children, or mothers would stop after having the first.

I beleive it is very possible to love many at once. I know maternal love is very different than romantic love, but I have deeply loved more than one man at a time. I don’t think I will be able to name “the love of my life” until it’s over. And at the end there will be more than one name on that list.

We have the capability to love more than one. It’s jealousy and society that tell us we shouldn’t, or that it isn’t possible.

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owwww. my brain hurts. D:

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I love all seven of my sisters. Love is not limited to any number. Love is one thing we all have an unlimited supply of.

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@DrBill Then Economically speaking love is worthless.

I still love love though.

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you can love many people at the same time….as is romantic love.

love…has a biology purpose

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Sure! I know a threesome that are like a couple but they call themselves a “triple”. It works out well for them. There’s more emotional and financial support and they all love each other.

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Great question, Zack. As usual, you amaze me. How would a polygamous relationship work? What an intricate dynamic. I couldn’t do it…

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I believe it is very possible to love many people at once, including romantically. I know people in polyamorous relationships—some of them with one “primary” and other lovers alongside. I know three people who have been in a three-way relationship.

(Incidentally, I find it fascinating the number of people who chose render the question ambiguous—perhaps harmless?—by including other sorts of love as well as the romantic love it was obviously asking about.)

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I think it is certainly possible to have love in poly relationships. That said, it would not be possible for me. I have loved several different men, but only one at a time.

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You can call it worthless, I call it priceless.

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@drbill as do I

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Oneust first define love.

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