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What's so bad about waterboarding?

Asked by seekingwolf (10407points) January 29th, 2009

Please answer the above question…

I personally feel waterboarding is traumatizing and unethical, but I don’t know WHERE to find evidence to convince my friend of this. He says it’s not that bad and perfectly fine to use to interrogate terrorists…

I need evidence! Thank you!

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Did you offer to try it with him if it’s not so bad?...

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haha, quite clever, but I’d rather not psychologically damage my friend. :(

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WOW look at these links!!!
Thank you so much! I never would have been able to find these myself.
(haha I’m IMing them to him right away…)

Thank you so much! :D Muchly lurve to you!

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Heh.. all I did was post the pertinent references from the wiki on Waterboarding ;)

Always cross reference. You should also be able to find lots of information at your local library.

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Well, first off the boards are too expensive, the beaches get too crowded, and the waterboarders themselves are way too territorial.

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If you built your house out of water boards it would never catch fire.

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Jesus. Just the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article was so awful to read. That’s not enough for him? Send him a copy of the Geneva Convention, too.

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all personal/moral views aside, look at it logically w/o emotions…
knowing exactly what the truth is gives the decision makers info to make the correct decisions… when you lead someone to believe they are going to die, they’ll say “ANYTHING” to save their lives! leading to incorrect info…hence bad decisions…
Just another way to approach an argument, take intangiables like morality and opinions out out of it.

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Try it on him and see what he thinks. There was also a Vanity Fair journalist that had it done to him to see what it actually was like. He used to think the same way as your friend until now.

Here is the article:

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Good news guys, I think those sources changed his mind…

I believe he was just ignorant about the process and the psychological damage caused by it…now he knows and he’s against it now.

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@Bagardbilla, John Stewart said it best when he said, “If you give up your values when they are tested, they aren’t values—they’re hobbies.”

Sure, you could save a life, but the idea behind universal human rights is that the good that is done by protecting individuals’ self-determination and humanity affects more peoples’ lives and does more good than protecting one person from being killed.

Is it a compromise? Yes. Am I glad we’ve decided on this compromise? Yes.

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Good to hear Seekingwolf!

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