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What are those photo cameras called, that shoot out a photo when you take it?

Asked by N0name (180points) February 2nd, 2009

Me and my friend would like to buy one of those cameras, that have your photo ready when you take it. They are pretty old I think…So if you know how they are called and where to get one, pleas tell me.

Thank you!

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And I thank you for your answer futurelaker88 ^^

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Keep your eye on new cameras that come out during the next few years – at least one company is experimenting with a digital camera with a built in printer!

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I’ve heard that polaroid is no longer making film. Ah, here it is…

I hope I linked that right.

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This is true. Polaroid is no longer manufacturing the film required as of February I believe. But amazingly enough they have come out with a digital camera/printer combo to fill the void.

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I think they used to be called “instamatic”.

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Polaroid is the brand. Instamatic is the model. Instant Camera was the generic term


Toyota Prius hybrid car.

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@imhellokitty, Instamatic cameras were made by Kodak, not Polaroid. They came out in the 1960s. Here is a picture of an early model:

The one shown in the picture above had a pop-up flash. Later models used flash cubes, which were quite an innovation for the time: you could take 4 flash pictures in rapid succession.
However, the real innovation from the Instamatic camera was its 126 Kodacolor film cartridge. Prior to the Instamatic, all cameras used roll film. If you weren’t particularly good with your hands, you’d end up ruining a lot of film. With a drop-in cartridge, however, you could simply open the back of the camera, remove the exposed cartridge, and drop in a new one.

Unlike Polaroid cameras, pictures taken with an Instamatic had to be lab-developed, just like roll film. What you got back wouldn’t make you an Ansel Adams, but cameras like this made photography a lot more accessible to ordinary folks.

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Thanks for the corrections, IchtheosaurusRex. Apologies for my incorrect info. for more info.

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@MrItty, No biggie, only an old fart like me would even remember the Instamatic. 110 cartridge film cameras came out in the 1970s, and they stopped selling the 126 model. I actually owned an Instamatic at one time, as well as a Polaroid. That one is still in a junk box somewhere.

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Thanks for all the information people!

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